Networked Tv's

with all these starting to pop up .... I can just see the future .... your subscriptions will be online once they start offering all the shows there ... as people will start canceling cable and satellite sicne most .coms are offering the shows anyways etc .... thats when more paid online services will come about ... crazy cool

So what do you all think about them?

I want one for streaming purposes and such ... but still want my movies on physical media ...


Grampie Blu-Clan
Jan 28, 2009
Dartmouth, NS, CaNaDa
gotta have films in some sort of physical form imo. as for cable on the internet I dunno. My internet provider is the cable company anyway so they will prolly just tack on a streaming charge or some **** like that, haha.
Mar 12, 2009
pretty crazy for them to have it online....could you picture a hacker coming along and finding a key of some sort to get free programming and even steal the media on to a blu-ray burner.. :O
It will be cool when damn companies stop trying to cap the bandwidth!! I am pretty pissed off at TW!! I can't believe people are just simply doing nothing about this!

Anyways getting back on topic, it's a good idea since everything is moving towards the internet, everything will there one day, but the bandwidth issues needs to get fixed no caps otherwise this won't work. Why would I subscribe to something and half way through the month I can't use it because my cap has been reached? it's not a good business model just doesn't work.