New Onimusha title on the horizon?

Apr 17, 2009
San Diego, CA
Capcom has launched a fresh teaser site pointing to the imminent announcement of a new entry in the Onimusha franchise.

The teaser displays three dates that correspond to the setting of previous entries in the PlayStation 2 horror series, namely 1560, 1573 and 1582. Each date is promptly crossed out before 1600 appears on screen accompanied by some moody ambience. It?s also worth pointing out that the presentation bares some resemblance to what Capcom has employed in the series over the years.

Originally conceived as a PlayStation title, Onimusha eventually jumped ship to PS2 and made its Japanese debut in January 2001. The game spawned a number of sequels, with the most recent entry, Dawn of Dreams, arriving in 2006.
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