New Rule / Way of posting in SteelBook board

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As many long time members know its been pretty strict about being able to post anything in regards to trades or potential purchases in the release threads. Mods have often deleted those from the threads.

Going forward you can post if you are looking for an item, want one, ISO (In search of) etc.

You can't however post in threads what you are trying to sell. That is for trade/sell threads.

So the culture is you can post that you are in search of it, want it, will trade for it, buy it etc.

Just dont post prices you will pay, stuff you will trade etc. You can say "I'm looking for one slightly above retail" .. "ISO at cost" things like that ... not some bidding war of "looking for one at $60 shipped" and another guy follows that up with $65 etc.

So if you have one to trade/sell and you see some people who are in search of it feel free to PM THAT PERSON ... not post in the thread trying to conduct a transaction. Take it to PMs.

The general idea is that people who are most searching for an item are on the general threads. Its where some of the first impulses take place to even want something to begin with. Also people who have some to trade/sell are generally reading those threads too. We hope this makes your ability to obtain things easier and friendlier.

As with anything all trades/sells you conduct here are at your own risk.

The idea and thought is that this will allow more freedom and make the overall experience better. If this doesn't, then we can revert back.
Not open for further replies.