Nightcrawler's Constantly Expanding Zavvi Collection!

Jan 12, 2015
Will be updating the thread by adding new pictures every now and again as I get new Zavvi exclusive steels (Which is somewhat often, have some on pre-order and still waiting for some pre-orders to go live.)
Image quality is meh because the only thing I have with a decent camera on it is my iPod. Also just realised I forgot to add my "Good Morning Vietnam" steelbook to the thread, will be sure to do so tomorrow.

Part 1:

Part 2 (Includes the 1988 Gallery steels I got from Zavvi - Not sure if they count since they're available
elsewhere in other countries but here they're Zavvi exclusives so figured I'd add them anyway.):

If you like my collection please leave a thanks or follow the thread for future updates.