Ninja Hall of Fame "Captain America" Giveaway #NINJAWEEKWARP (5 of 5)


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The OG "Captain America HMV Exclusive Steelbook" Surely an edition worthy of the Steelbook Hall of Fame. Well, I'm giving this 1 away to 1 lucky member. All you have to do is thank this post, and answer the following question...

If Hi-Def Ninja had a Hall of Fame what members would be worthy to enter?


My Top 11 HDN Hall of Fame Picks
@Naughtius Maximus

Contest Terms

Winner will be chosen at random. (Ol' School Hat Draw)
Winners pays shipping fee.
Contest will be over Wednesday 22nd, of March. (12:01 am EST)
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Oct 18, 2012
Stunning giveaway. Thank you.
I reckon any Hall of Fame members would be the people that have giveaways, like yourself!
Also people that host GB's. These guys give up their valuable time to help out others!
Thank you all
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May 15, 2014
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Who's worthy? Definitely all the staff and mods who put their precious time to keep HDN running. And all the helpful friendly ninjas around the
forum who keep HDN fun to visit. :cool::thumbs:

My list will be too long to list here. So many great ninjas here. So 'll just pick two. Even if they weren't mods, I deem them worthy to enter :D
@tridon @bloodsnake007 :woot::thumbs: