Ninja Tip - The Do & Don'ts Of The Mondo Blu-ray SteelBook Forum - A Guide To Posting

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Aug 29, 2011
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Hi folks!

Welcome to the Mondo Steelbook Section of the Hi-def Ninja Forums. As the Mondo Steelbook releases continue to grow we wanted to create this Guide to Posting so that you can enjoy our forums and integrate as smoothly as possible

This is a guide about what is OK to post and what is NOT OK to post in the Mondo steelbook forum.

NOTE: This list can be updated at any time.

A lot of "steelbook veterans" on this forum have been collecting for many years and sometimes we take it for granted that they are aware of these pitfalls in the discussion forum.

If everyone can take a moment to read these guidelines and do their best to follow them, we'll all have an effective and safe place to discuss these releases

Remember, these resources are at your disposal at any time.

Trading and GB forum (which can be reached after 20 non-spam posts; tho mondo steel group buys are held in this forum with no post requirement)

Damaged item / Venting thread

Here's some things that we expect all members to do (and don't!) in terms of discussion.

OK to post: I just ordered Iron Man! or I hope my Iron Man steelbook arrives OK!

Do NOT post: I just ordered 20x copies of Iron Man! or I have 5x copies of Iron Man for sale! This includes pictures of more than 5x copies as well.

You can open a trade thread if you have items for sale, but do not post the quantity that you may have purchased. If people missed out on a release, they don't want to hear you have numerous copies and they do not have any.


OK to post: You can find this item on e-bay, or at this retailer store (link here).

Do NOT post: Check out my auction on e-bay for this item! (link here).


OK to post: I'm looking for this OOP item, I've been looking for months!

Do NOT post: Does anyone have this OOP item for sale?

In this case, you can use the

I'm looking for X Steelbook

Availability / Known Value Guide

OK to post: (in the Boyhood thread). Wow that Boyhood release is just fantastic. Check out the white layer.

Do NOT post: (in the Boyhood thread) I was at the dentist yesterday, and he told me how much he liked Looper.

Please try to keep your discussion thread on topic! Boyhood comments belong in the Boyhood thread and the Looper comments belong in Looper.

Each thread title is uniformly named so it should be easy for you to find. A mod may move your posts if we feel it's necessary.


One quick word about joining the Group Buys in the Mondo section

Any member can join the Group Buys in the Mondo Section. However each Group Buy Leader has rules that you agree to when you join their Group Buys. Please abide by these rules otherwise you may be blacklisted from future Mondo releases and the mods and staff really do not want to have to deny any member the ability to get these awesome releases

A few other tidbits

We ask that you do not spam the forum, there are plenty of sections to enjoy in this forum and I promise you can hit 20 posts to get to the trade forum

We ask that you do not post direct links to other forums. It is welcome to give credit to other forums.

For example, I just saw on BD that they said this. Or thanks to so-and-so on BD for this picture, I've reposted it here so you guys can see it.

If there is an issue with another members posts what you CAN do is Report the Post or Contact a Mod
How do you report? Read this helpful thread.

If we find the comment or the post insulting to another member, if it uses offensive language, or threatens another member, that post will be removed.

We ask that all members be courteous, polite and respectful on our forums.

Disputes and arguments are best left via pm and a moderator can help mediate the discussion to hopefully find your common ground.

If it just seems that you can't get along with a member, remember that there is an "ignore list" that you can use so you don't get sucked back in to a conversation.

If you have any questions please feel free to contact any of the moderators and again welcome to Hi-def Ninja and Happy Posting
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