[NL] Billy Talent's sales thread

Billy Talent

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May 24, 2020
NL: € 7.00
EU: € 14:00
ROW: € 23.00

I accept Paypal Goods and services or F&F

Got some items I would like to sell!
All my items are as good as new or sealed. :thumbs:
I am always open for negotiations, PM me if you wanna discuss prices.

- Spiderman into the Spiderverse One click (Sealed) €395,-

- Wonder Woman One Click (SOLD)
- Guardians of the galaxy Vol 2 (opened) €345,-

Second Sight:
- Nightingale Limited edition (sealed) (SOLD)

Manta Lab:
-The Batman One Click (sealed) (SOLD)
- Birds of Prey One Click (opened) €230,-
- Wonder woman 1984 One Click (opened) €240,-

- Shazam! One Click (opened) €159,-
- 47 ronin (opened) €95,-
- Casino (sealed) (SOLD)
- Dead pool One Click (opened) €165,-
- Dead pool 2 One Click (opened) €165,-
- Captain America Civil War One Click (sealed) €165,-
- IT Lenticular not numbered (sealed) ) (SOLD)

- IT Chapter 2 One Click Silver label (opened) €149,-
- Lord of the Rings - Return of the King OC Gold Label (sealed) €249,-
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10. You are allowed to bump your thread once per day - other traders deserve time at the top.

im afraid noodles has to permanently ban you now and any GB orders are now canceled without refund :( you know, to teach you a lesson..


.. but really doesnt matter how often one bumps his thread imo
thanks will limit it to once a day :thanks: