[NL] Jurian's sales/trades thread


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Nov 4, 2016
The Netherlands
Looking to sell/trade some of my collection :)

PayPal Goods & Services or Friends & Family.
Please note that when using the Goods and Services option through PayPal, an additional fee will be added to the total cost of the item(s) to cover the PayPal fees.

NL: € 7,-
EU: € 14,-
ROW: € 25,-
Please be aware that the shipping costs listed are for a single item only. If you are interested in purchasing multiple items, PM me for the total shipping cost.

PM me if you have any questions!

My eBay for reference: JurianVW

Title (click to see images)EditionPrice (in euro's)ConditionComments

Manta Lab​

DuneME #49 - One Click€ 230,-SealedThe gifts (paperweight, sealing wax, & signet ring replica) are NOT included with this purchase. These items are expected to arrive in March. If you would like to receive these items, an additional shipping fee will be charged for a separate package once they are available.
DuneDigibook€ 75,-Sealed

I don't mind unsealed editions, as long as they are in mint condition!

If you possess any special (premium) editions featuring big cats (such as lions, tigers, leopards, etc.) on the packaging, I welcome offers for trade or sale.



Kung Fu Panda 1Blufans Exclusive #18
Kung Fu Panda 2Blufans Exclusive #19


ZootopiaFAC #62 - Hardbox Edition
The Jungle BookFAC #71 - Hardbox Edition
Blade Runner 2049FAC #101 - Maniacs Box Edition


How To Train Your DragonGold Label #2
InterstellarGold Label #7 - One Click
Sucker PunchGold Label #13 - Any edition
Blade Runner 2049Silver Label #30 - Any/both edition(s)With or without steelbooks is fine. Also don't mind if the steelbook is different than the original.


ZootopiaKimchiDVD Collection #9 - One Click (both editions)

Manta Lab​

The RevenantME #2 - Leather slip
DunkirkME #16 - One Click
UsME #26 - Any edition
TenetME #32 - One Click

Plain Archive​

ParasiteFullslip A or Quarter slip

UHD Club​

Blade Runner 2049UC #11
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