No Time to Die (4K + Blu-ray Collector's Edition) (HMV Exclusive - First Edition) [UK]


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Release date: December 20, 2021
Purchase link: HMV
Price: £59.99

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No Time to Die (hmv Exclusive) - First Edition

This Limited Edition Gift Set includes:
  • 4K Ultra HD + Blu-ray
  • Aston Martin Keyring
  • Exclusive 48 page Minibook
  • Exclusive Artcards


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Your paying £35 for a Aston Martin Keyring,48 page Mini book and some artcards its worth £30 max
The Aston Martin Keyring on its own cost £30 with Amazon UK and some other retailers
The cheapest is £15.95 from James Bond shop

4K amaray itself is £24.99

No way you would have a retail price of £30 for the contents included in the hmv box set

If your was to purchase the Amaray and Keyring separately the cheapest would be £40.94 and that's without artcards and booklet and box itself


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You read everything literally, i have noticed this about you.
Some of your posts in regards to retail prices you expect some are actually the dealer price a retailer pays the distributor/supplier as in cost price (As in price before retailer add their profit margin)

Retailers have profit margin and it's not as much as you think it is when it comes to Blu-ray disc and box set releases

The manfacture of the products needs to have a profit margin on items it makes for distributors
Distributors/Supplier also needs to make a profit on items they offer to retailers to sell
Retailer pays a dealer price to distributor/supplier and needs to make a profit

All the above also have overheads staff wages/utility bills to pay/insurance/rent on shops/bulidings costs etc etc
If a business don't make a profit it won't cover those overheads which why many business ceases trading

Blu-ray disc releases do not have a high profit margin compared some other products
Retailers need to sell a decent amount of stock at full retail price to make a profit
Some retailers who have unsold stock often end up selling at a loss to get rid of stock as in below cost price

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If we're not talking about who paid who who paid who, but initial production costs, then it's a ripoff.
It costs $1 at most to replicate 1 disc, $2 for a booklet, 10 cents for the cards, and 50 cents to manufacture that Chinese Keychain, so 5 bucks at most for everything, with the box - all that considering a mass production of, say 10,000 copies.
Then the studio decides how much it wants for its 'intellectual property', which shouldn't be more, than what they charge for purchase of a streaming digital copy, which is $10-15 for a new title. That's about $20. Add transportation, storage, in bulk, and I don't think it's reasonable to ask for more than $30 (£22), especially if they want to sell a lot, and not kill the physical media market.
So 'they' either do want to kill it, or they consider us whole lot as suckers.
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Apr 28, 2011
Mine arrived today, really nice set exactly. Glad I went for this edition over that awful steelbook

Only area where they could have improved the set is with a nicer outer box but the art book, cards and the key ring are all really nice