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Jan 27, 2009
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Yes, I think it's about time I start this! :scat: Place all info relating to MMA in this thread!



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You could forgive a guy for being a little detached from reality after fighting Anderson Silva. If you're someone who beats up other dudes for a living and suddenly you come face to face with the distinct possibility that another person is much, much better at this than you, your mind probably has a little bit of a meltdown. That phenomenon, plus maybe some mind-altering substances, seemed like enough to explain this video.

But lo these many months later, as Patrick Cote prepares for a return to the Octagon at UFC 113 on May 1 May 8, he still subscribes to an alternate version of what was going on at UFC 90. Not only does he think he was doing really well against the middleweight champ, he wouldn't change a thing if they met for a rematch:

"If I fight him again I think I am going to do the same thing, I think I learned that if you’re not scarred of him right away you have a good chance to win and that’s what I did. I was there in the first second of the fight, I took the centre of the octagon and I showed him I wasn’t scarred of him."

For the last time, you were not winning that fight. You were merely still in the fight when you got hurt. And as for being unafraid of Silva, I think we can add that to the long list of other failed strategies for toppling the champ. It's right there with rough-necking him, refusing to go on the defensive, and not getting frustrated when you miss as sure-fire game plans that yielded painful results.

Silva is not a schoolyard bully. He's not winning all these fights because people are too afraid to stand up to him. He's winning because he's on some next-level Jedi ****. A lot of guys have gone in there against him telling themselves that they won't get scared or discouraged or frustrated. Not a lot of guys have been successful with that approach. Shouldn't that tell us something?

This article had me laughing hard!
This week on “Inside MMA” on HDNet Ed Soares, manager to many of the top Brazilian fighters, told hosts Kenny Rice and “El Guapo” Bas Rutten (28-4-1) that and UFC middleweight champion “The Spider” Anderson Silva (25-4) would be willing to fight and UFC welterweight champion “Rush” Georges St. Pierre (19-2) at any weight if that is want the fans want. I believe GSP would be beat Silva at any weight class and if you follow along you just might agree with me.

Anderson Silva has been virtually untouchable since his arrival in the UFC stringing together ten straight wins and capturing the UFC middleweight title. There are those that believe he is unbeatable but as we all know he has 4 losses on his record and this is mixed martial arts (MMA). MMA is a sport where fighter A can be dominating fighter B but fighter B lands just one clean shot or locks on to a limb for a win no one saw coming. This is the reason you have to fight to the very end and never let up. One slip is all it takes to end your night.

GSP has had a fantastic run in the UFC as well although he has seen some bumps in the road along the way. GSP saw first hand what happens when you slip as he lost his title to “”The Terror” Matt Serra (9-6) at UFC 69. He was rocked by a punch and never quite recovered, relinquishing his title to the massive underdog Serra. However if this fight between Silva and GSP actually takes place I believe it will be what GSP has learned from his losses inside the Octagon that will make all the difference.

One of St. Pierre’s strongest assets is his wrestling and ground control. He made the mistake of trying to stand with Serra in that fight even though Matt is now known as a striker. He is a black belt in Gracie jiu jitsu but we have seen little in the way of submissions attempted from him in the Octagon. I felt GSP would have been better off taking the fight to the ground, getting to half-guard or side control and pounding him senseless. He learned from that and sicne then we have seen him use his striking to set up the take downs. Always mixing it up to keep his opponent guessing.

Silva is a very dynamic striker that throws punches and kicks from every angle imaginable which makes it difficult for his opponent to find his rhythm and get comfortable. Silva is also a black belt in jiu jitsu and many fear going to the ground with him due to his long legs and the stamina sapping body triangle he uses so well off his back. We saw him use this against Travis Lutter (10-5) at UFC 67 when Lutter got the fight on the ground, the one place many thought it needed to go in order for Lutter to win the fight. I would like to note that Lutter missed weight in that fight and was obviously gassed which makes me wonder how well he would have done had he been in better shape. Watching Lutter work on the ground and see some success even though he was gassed led many to believe that was the way to beat Silva. The other guy that has been able to have success was “Hollywood” Dan Henderson (25-7) in their fight at UFC 82, a fight which I attended. Dan had a good first round where he took Silva down and dominated the position game. Granted he did not do much damage but Silva was unable to control him like he did Lutter off his back.This is the key to victory against Silva.

GSP is much more explosive than Hendo and due to that fact I see him being able to take Silva to mat at will. Once on the mat he will look to punish Silva with punches and elbows while trying to steer clear of the body triangle. If he can get the fight to the ground I think he is strong enough and skilled enough to avoid being swept by Silva and can grind out a victory. That is if he can avoid the striking of Silva.

GSP is not the best striker and is prone to taking some damage on his feet. His game against Silva will have to consist of great footwork and improved head movement. He will only need to strike enough to shoot for the take down but those few exchanges are the dangerous ones when fighting a striker like Anderson Silva.

In the end St. Pierre’s explosive wrestling would be enough to take Silva out of his game and GSP will show everyone Silva’s weak spot, ultimately leading to the demise of Anderson Silva in the pound for pound best rankings and in the UFC.

Wow! this is interesting! I'd like to see a Silva v GSP!
The date of UFC 113 have shifted just a bit, but the fight card keeps getting better. As reported earlier today, a light heavyweight scrap between Forrest Griffin and Antonio Rogerio Nogueira has been added to the Montreal event. Griffin's coming off his decision victory over Tito Ortiz at UFC 106, and Little Nog smoked Luis Cane in his UFC debut on the undercard of the same event, so these two are both on the upswing with exactly the same amount of rest time, give or take an hour.

Your presence at this website suggests that you're probably enough of an MMA fan (or misguided potato fetishist) that we don't have to tell you this, but this is an excellent fight. Griffin is still trying to erase the memory of the drubbing he received from Anderson Silva, and Nogueira is trying to continue a win streak that is six fights long and counting, so both these guys have plenty at stake. In a perfect world they could both have their way. Ours is not a perfect world, my friends, but it is an interesting one at times.

This should be a good fight!
This has to be the submission of the decade!!
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this is freakin awesome! :hilarious:

Do not quote the message with the video.
Razak Al-Hassan, the fighter best known for the grisly arm injury he suffered after he absolutely refused to tap out against Steve Cantwell, has received his walking papers from the UFC, according to Five Ounces of Pain. This is one we probably should have seen coming. The arm-popping loss to Cantwell happened in Al-Hassan's UFC debut at the injury-riddled Fight For The Troops event in December of 2008. That kept him out of action for a good chunk of the following year, though he still claimed to adhere to a tapping-out-is-for-bitches mentality.

When he finally returned in 2009 Al-Hassan lost a split decision against Kyle Kingsbury at UFC 104 to drop him to 0-2 in the Octagon, which is the equivalent of calling in sick to your first day of work at a regular job, and then showing up late, reeking of weed on your second day. You may not always get fired, but no one will be surprised if you do.

Best of luck finding a new fighting home, Razak, and don't get down on yourself. Plenty of guys with good records elsewhere struggle in the UFC, but it doesn't mean they aren't good fighters. Just look at Tiki Ghosn. We're not making you feel any better, are we?

Source: Cagepotato

That arm looked so bad after Cantwell let go, what an idiot.
Awesome Copeira knockout!

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Good news for all you members of the First Church of the Stand and Bang, heavyweight strikers Gilbert Yvel and Pat Barry are going to give you some of what you crave at UFC 115 this summer. According to the Las Vegas Sun, both guys have agreed to a bout that hardly needs any gentlemen's agreement about how it will go down. Both fighters are known as much for their love of kicking and punching people as they are for their reluctance to engage in the ground game, so this should be a stand-up battle all the way, and probably one that won't last very long.

Barry's coming off a second-round TKO of Antoni Hardonk at UFC 104 in October, and Yvel got knocked out by Junior Dos Santos in his Octagon debut at UFC 108 earlier this month. Yvel may have the experience advantage and a total willingness to fight dirty, but if he looks as sloppy against Barry as he did against Dos Santos he could be in for a rough night. According to what he told the Sun, however, that was just first time jitters:
"I was not really myself," Yvel said. "I was like in a dream. It was just bad for me. It was my first time in the UFC and you want to show what you can do. If you lose, they can cancel your contract. It's a lot of pressure."

If that pressure hurt his performance so much, maybe no one should tell him what usually happens when you go 0-2 in the UFC.

should be a decent fight
Trying to interview Nick Diaz is a lot like trying to help an elderly person use the self checkout machine at the supermarket. It's a test of patience and will, and a part of you knows that you never should have gotten mixed up in this to begin with. But, if you keep at it, as Ariel Helwani does in this video, you'll eventually reach the point where all the groceries have been scanned and bagged, even the produce, and your new friend will smile at you around wrinkled eyes and ask, 'Who do I make the check out to?' That's when it all feels...worth it?

Though at times it seems like Diaz would rather be doing anything else than answering Helwani's questions, we do eventually get some answers that help us further understand his bizarre and often openly contradictory world view. For example:

- A decision should not be decided by takedowns. It should be decided by who was winning at the end, and who would have won if the fight would have continued indefinitely.

- A decision should be decided by who looks more "****** up" afterwards. Even if you tapped the guy out but got your ass beat, you still got your ass beat.

- Nick doesn't use words like 'excited.'

- Georges St. Pierre and Anderson Silva? Nick would beat both those guys.

- You can't land big fights by just getting in someone's face and calling them out. If you could, though. Oh man.

- Aside from Diego Sanchez, Nick did not lose any of those fights in the UFC. Not really.

- Nick does not envision the fight against Marius Zaromskis ending. At all.

Yep, that about covers it. Is it weird that Diaz's rambling, distracted remarks do nothing to dampen our near freakout levels of excitement for this fight? Maybe. But it's our kind of weird.

Nick needs to stop smoking so much! haha:hilarious: