Official Sony PS3 Price Cut announced - Megathread now $299!

Jan 29, 2009
We have all seen the reports of Sony stating that there will be not be a price drop for the PlayStation 3 anytime soon, but do you believe this to be true?

I have a very good feeling that Sony will be announcing a price drop for the PlayStation 3 soon in the upcoming months. The reason why I say this is because many websites like Dell and Amazon have dropped the price of the system on their website as seen here. As you can see, Dell has the PS3 priced at $339.99 and just last week Amazon had it listed for a little over $350. I believe Sony might have a strategy behind this and is working with companies to determine how much they should drop the price of the PlayStation 3. Think about it, if Amazon has the PS3 listed at a little over $350 and there is not much of a sales spike, Sony would see that dropping the system $50 would not be effective. Now if Dell has the system at $339.99 and the sales jump drastically, Sony would realize that dropping the system more than $50 would be an effective way to sell more consoles.

The reason Sony is saying they do not plan for a price drop anytime soon is because of business. Think about it, if you are selling something for $399.99 and then announce that it will be much cheaper in a couple of months, would you expect many people to go out and buy your system knowing this? Of course not. Sony is trying to keep it all behind closed doors and keep from announcing it until the day of the price drop.

So I ask you again: Do you believe Sony when they say that they do not have plans for a price drop anytime soon?
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Apr 27, 2009
go with the slim. 80 gb will only get you so far until youll have to update it. im prolly looking at lasting until the end of this year before i have to upgrade the HD and i have the 80.

not that 120 is huge but it should last you a good amount longer.
120 gig coooler less energy go with the slim trey:cool: