Official Wrestling Thread


El NINJA Chingon
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Royal Rumble is always a fun event to watch even if you dont keep up with wrestling throughout the year. The premise is the same. :)

But the winner is always chosen even before the Rumble, they have to keep the storyline going:(

I used to love this event, with 30/40 or so men fighting all at once :eek:
Then it was 1 on 1 ar first and then every other minute they would send in another then another :eek:
Always preferred everyone in there at the very beginning, damn thing got so hectic, i don't even know where to look:D
Then I found out it was all planned before hand on who the winners would be for every Rumble :(

Good times back in the late 80's early 90's:D

Razor Ramon, Bret 'The Hitman' Heart, Shawn 'The Heartbreak Kid' Michaels, The Ultimate Warrior were some of my favorite Wrestlers :cool: