Oh god, the Stank


Grampie Blu-Clan
Jan 28, 2009
Dartmouth, NS, CaNaDa
Over a week ago we come home from work to find that one of our dogs had puked on the leather coach. this has happened before and we've cleaned it up and all is fine. Seems this time the stink will not go away. Any suggestions before I kick this thing to the curb. I love this old coach and i do not wanna have to get rid of it. We've tried all the leather cleaners and conditioners we have in the house.
Jan 28, 2009


I got 2 boys and a dog. I just buy the cheapest couch available, and try to make it last as long as possible. Duct Tape is awesome!! ;)
Jan 30, 2009
You tried getting new parts for the couch. Like pillows and things like that and spraying the **** out of it. Who by yourself a nice new recliner :scat: