Oin the Dwarf (The Hobbit) - 1/6 Scale Statue [Weta]


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Sep 4, 2011

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Limited Edition: 1000

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One of the oldest Dwarves in the Company of Thorin Oakenshield™, Oin comes from a wealthy family and is cousin to king in exile, Thorin Oakenshield. A wise and learned Dwarf, Oin is a seer, prying meaning from portentous events and signs.

It is Oin’s reading of the return of Erebor’s birds to the Mountain that convinces his brother Gloin to fund the quest, but it is his expertise as an apothecary that makes him one of the most valued members of the Company.

Learned in herbology and the creation of tinctures and salves as well as a skilled surgeon and bone-setter, Oin possesses talents of the kind Thorin hopes never to need, but is pleased to have in his service.

Though long in the tooth and increasingly hard of hearing, the elderly Dwarf is nonetheless strong in limb and swift of arm, wielding his battle staff with a proficiency and might to match his younger companions. In an effort to mitigate his failing ears, he carries with him a brass ear horn. The battled implement bears many an indignity and misuse during Oin’s long journey east toward Erebor.

Oin the Dwarf was sculpted by Lindsey Crummett and Scott Spencer.

It takes a team of people approximately 400-500 hours to design, sculpt, model-make, mould and paint the prototype for each new character.