Once (Blu-ray SteelBook) (Novamedia Exclusive) [Korea]

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Jun 4, 2015
Release date: May 31, 2018
Purchase links: Full Slip A (750 copies) - Full Slip B (750 copies) - Lenti (1,000 copies) - Quarter Slip (300 copies) - One Click (400 copies) (Pre-order on May 18)
Price: $33.99 (Quarter Slip) - $36.99 (Full Slip A & B) - $37.99 (Lenti) - $129.99 (One Click)

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Next Nova Exclusive <Once>
Dear customers,
We are happy to announce our next exclusive release <Once> which will be released after <Reservoir Dogs> and <Pulp Fiction>.

Irish director “John Carney” gained population after <Once> and he has created numerous music movies like <Begin Again> and <Sing Street>. Especially <Once> captures great melody to attract many audiences despite the movie is low budget.

We hope our customers are excited for our next release along with <Reservoir Dogs> and <Pulp Fiction>.

Thank you
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Sep 23, 2011
Never saw this piece, but Im not sure If this needs a premium package though...
It definitely does!! After Carney's (by far!!) worst film ("Begin Again") has already been given the premium treatment, at least "Once" follows suit. The Soundtrack for "Once" is amazing (Oscar winning actually!) and even though it's a small movie, it is heartfelt and beautiful. Instant purchase! Now bring on "Sing Street" please!!!

C.C. 95

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Sep 10, 2014
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Not heard of this or seen it

Most likely pass
This is a GREAT movie.
As professional musician, I usually cannot stand movies about music. 99% of movies about music are complete bollocks. This one is completely genuine. (The artists are really writing and singing and performing their songs - they also fell in love for real and became a real group: THE SWELL SEASON).
The music itself is fantastic. The love story is absolutely realistic and spot on.
The music they write is an extention of their personal drama - and it is an unusual bittersweet story.
The only other movie about music that gets it right is THE COMMITMENTS- and Glen Hansard (who is the lead in this movie) was also one of the band members in THE COMMITMENTS!
This is a five star gem. TOTALLY deserving of red carpet treatment. Truly one of the greatest movies about music ever made.
*also - The song "Falling Slowly" won the Oscar, and the ONCE stage adaptation became a hit Tony Winning Broadway show as well.
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Apr 15, 2017
Ohh I totally forgot about this! OK bring it on Nova, even though this is not a must-have for me, but just for complete collection´s sake :whistle::coffee:
Nov 30, 2015
one of my all time favorite films, and one of the best films about music and musicians ever made (though it is very "small-scale") ..
I was a big fan of The Frames & Glen Hansard well-before it was released, and it hits all the right notes for me (see what I did there?)

I hope this release is still on the schedule, as it is a must-have for me
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Nov 4, 2010
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LOVE this movie! One of my favs! So IN!
Saw it in the theaters twice (and who knows how many more on dvd). I've seen The Swell Season / Glen Hansard Live 4 times.

never heard of this movie

Not heard of this or seen it

Guys. It won an Oscar! How have you not heard about this film!?

It definitely does!! After Carney's (by far!!) worst film ("Begin Again") has already been given the premium treatment, at least "Once" follows suit.

Maybe I'm alone in this... But I really enjoyed Begin Again. Not as good as Once or Sing Street. But I still liked it.


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Nov 13, 2017
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I know the song but never did see the film.
Can't think of a better way to buy it than in a Premium release! :happy:
This seems more in line with what PA would put out but Nova exclusives are wonderful so that's fine.