Film Arena [OPEN] GB M.I. Rogue Nation BOX VER1 + VER 2 (Steelbook Czech Republic) [Worldwide Shipping]

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Release Date: TBA

Release thread:

Mission: Impossible Rogue Nation

BOX V1 + V2


Price: 3244 CZK (Czech Koruna) (approx. €)

Price Details: 3000 CZK (SteelBook) + 60 CZK (Group Buy Fee) + 184 CZK (paypal Fee)


HDN exclusive limit for GB xx0 copies

GB limit: 1 copies per member.


I am sourcing these for collectors and not for someone to make profit from it so I hope I wont see any of these end up on EBAY, otherwise I will be removing you from all my current and future group buys. THIS IS FOR TRUE COLLECTORS ONLY!

I cant pick any number I want, I just work with what I get. I will do my utmost to match numbers for some of you, but it is not guaranteed and by entering this group buy you accept this rule. Thank you

Based on my previous experience I will favor members from abroad rather then Czech members who have the option to order more easily directly from FilmArena.


Only accepting payment via paypal and only in CZK (Czech Koruna). Buyer pays fees. Invoice for each title has to be paid separately (please do not combine multiple payments into one).

Invoices with payment/shipping information will be sent out via PM closer to release date.


Combining with titles from my other group buys is available (maximum 4 titles per package). You will be getting invoice via PM for the steelbook(s) you signed up for. In these invoices you will find two shipping options: SHIP NOW or COMBINE (instructions on how to use them are detailed in invoice, feel free to message @Collector03601 with any questions). New shipping/combining options wont affect your previous requests, but if you are still going to pay for any of the newer titles (Birdman, Looper, Dredd, Jurassic World, T5) please use these new instructions to pay for shipping. Thank you

Costs of the shipping are staying the same just the way of paying is different. The reason for this change is that the number of releases are being increased, larger amount of members participating in GBs and cosntant requests to change titles being combined, which is no longer bearable due to the amount of work included. Thanks for your understanding.

SHIPPING QUOTES - Shipping calculation already includes packing fee of 50 CZK + paypal fee.

1 to 2 steelbooks (1000g) 1st class recorded delivery - 307 CZK
3 to 4 steelbooks (2000g) 1st class recorded delivery - 456 CZK

Rest of the world:
1 to 2 steelbooks (1000g) 1st class recorded delivery - 392 CZK
3 to 4 steelbooks (2000g) 1st class recorded delivery - 615 CZK

Combining limitation is maximum 4 steelbooks per package.


IMPORTANT: I don't speak English so if you will need to ask me something please contact @Collector03601 who is helping me out with this GB and will be answering all your questions/inquiries/requests for me.



1. SK @Collector03601 (XXL) 333
2. US @bigballas01 (XXL)
3. UK @Lester (XXL)
5. UK @Blu-devil 100

6. US @phishphan192 192
7. UK @mactaylor
8. US @Jericho 191
9. UK @Danzigg1979 (XXL) 179
10. UK @bigry
11. UK @Cymon H (XXL) 347

12. US @C.C. 95 (XL) 195
13. PT @lost (XL) 132
14. TW @chlove0916 (XXL)
15. DK @psymon (XXL) 22
16. UK @Sajid Ali (M) 431
17. CR @C2V3N (L)
18. UK @Zeefy (L) 115
19. NL @SK117 (XL) 117

20. BR @ESM999
21. CR @CyberT (L) 60
22. BR @boobymcgee 197
23. US @capricornio34232
24. US @howarmat (XL) 19
25. US @Lakerone (XXL) 334

26. UK @Towser (XXL)
27. DE @metal hunter 73

28. HK @blackberry (L) 6
29. FR @DEMARS (M)
30. UK @wayne71 (XXL)

32. US @lesterburnham76 (XL)
33. UK @Palmcrystal (M)
34. UK @sieffer (L) 470
35. UK @hiphopnrap (XXXL)

36. AU @ghostwhowalks (XL) 700
37. FI @Ranavalone (M) 33
38. US @Jaxxx (XL) 326
39. UK @shadow2351jl (XL)
40. US @Askari23 (XXL) 340
41. US @cbs777 305
42. US @TheStixter 196

43. DE @Radagast 420
44. UK @ricster (M) 99
45. UK @jasonupham 494

46. US @Azulsteel (L) 64
47. US @jeroda (L)
48. US @Elclavo75 (M) 375
49. FR @amicro (L)
50. CA @dogscorpion
51. UK @euaaan_ (M)
52. SW @damnernsaduak
53. UK @Taz1609

54. CA @stb32 (L)
55. US @blu-steel (XXL)

56. TW @jesse liu (S)
57. US @ChoppedUp (XXL) 316
58. US @jharm (XXL) 417

59. ES @Miguelmf (S)
60. RU @Petr Privalov

60. US @Marina Blue (XXL)
61. AU @Feathers McGraw (L)
62. US @Jeff Fickies (L)
63. UK @kolchaker (L) 74
64. US @BDestroyer8418 207

GB CLOSED 22.11.15
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Dec 24, 2014
1 to the UK please with biggest t-shirt available (going to pin up on wall) and combine it with 1 x V1 and 1 x V2 steels.
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Sep 6, 2011
London, UK
1x Boxset to the UK, thanks. Ship alone. The biggest size possible for the t-shirt if you have control over that. If not then don't worry. Thanks.


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Mar 21, 2015
1 box to USA please! THANKS KAREL! (SHIP NOW)

if you are taking shirt sizes, would be awesome for a 3XL but i will settle with a 2XL. thank you