[OPEN] Insurgent Blu-ray Digipack Group Buy


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HDN (and myself) will be hosting a group buy for Insurgent Digipack exclusive to Target.

**NOTE, the free fabric flag is often shipped after the edition, up to two weeks! Indicate if you don't want the flag in your request please!

These are likely G1 sized and disc region locked!

PRICE : $22.99 (current price on Target.com) + tax + $3.00 gb fee + shipping.

Release date of August 4, 2015

Original listing is here - http://www.target.com/p/insurgent-blu-ray-dvd-ultraviolet-target-exclusive/-/A-17254302

You may request 3x copies per order.

When I do steelbooks or collectible editions - 1 of them is $13.41 to most locations.
$1.30 insurance per $100 will be included in any quote.


Requesting list:
1) @pmartin252 x1
2) @Polak x1
3) @whited001 x1
4) @Feathers McGraw x1
5) @Engelskind x1
6) Canada @SavageAmusement x1
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