Oscars :- Winners, Losers and Also Rans

George Pearce

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Mar 31, 2014
A few comments in a thread the other day concerning Oscar Winners and the unlucky vanquished has led me to starting this thread.
Being Movie buffs we’ve all got our opinions on who should have won, perhaps the Movie you like or Actor didn’t even get nominated !

It wouldn’t be unusual,no less than the late great Peter O’Toole went through his entire life without receiving an Oscar until the “Fellowship” decided to award him an honorary one instead………..a cop out…………they had plenty of opportunities to right the wrong on no less than 8 occasions.

For my own part I believe Shakespeare in Love robbed Saving Private Ryan of Best Picture, likewise Ordinary People picked the pocket of Raging Bull.
Adrien Brody getting the best actor award for the Pianist and ahead of Daniel Day Lewis for Gangs of New York is another but being post 9/11 I guess the Academy were looking for something to reflect the mood and so while I don’t share the decision, I can understand it. On the other hand i've never understood Forrest Gump getting the nod over both Pulp Fiction and The Shawshank Redemption for best picture...............never ever,i'd have quite happily had Quiz Show winning it instead.

Feel free to pitch in with whatever you think ………………..i could be wrong about Forrest Gump .............would never admit it though !
Still smarts Shindlers List :OMG: Liam Neeson AND Ralph Finnes loosing out :banghead: :banghead: THAT IS WHEN the intrest was LOST :squint: .

Also The Colour Purple an AMAZING movie :notworthy:.

Shawshank IS hope .

Forrest Gump IS mesmerising .

For me Pulp Fiction IS hard work :dunno: , Tarrentino has Grown so much in his direction.

Inglorious Barstool's and Djanjo are masterpieces :notworthy: :drool: .

GREAT thread idea by the way @George Pearce :thumbs: :D .

@nefilim get in here liven things up :woot: .
@George Pearce and @Scary Hair

"For my own part I believe Shakespeare in Love robbed Saving Private Ryan of Best Picture, likewise Ordinary People picked the pocket of Raging Bull."
totally agree

"Adrien Brody getting the best actor award for the Pianist and ahead of Daniel Day Lewis for Gangs of New Yor"
not so much. both were excellent so IMO no one got robbed.

others : my left foot lost to driving miss daisy - wrong. wrong. wrong. crash won over brokeback mountain. arrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrgh. so wrong.

Great thread @George Pearce , agree with u on oscars for saving mate
Also never anything for shawshank which is shocking
Sometimes movies sneak under radar when bigger budget movies come out , one that springs to mind is when layer cake came out to rent it got a massive heads up even though I think it's a below avrage movie , a certain little Brit movie came out to rent on same day called dead man shoes . Only a few years later people started talking about it .
I'm I right in thinking gravity beat 12 years a slave to a or some oscars , which that is pretty shocking too
Part of why I avoid big NAME movies .

Adrian Brody I think he did just Pip Day Lewis the gravety of the story .

I find as well certin Actors are passed over Johnny Depp , Sigorney Weaver ,Laim Neeson , Angilina Jolie ok i know shes wone already derserves more . Brad Pitt , Djimon Hounsou ,Leonardo Decaprio because they take diverse parts thats somehow looked down upon .

Also the frocks the frocks and make up and whole how someone looks on a flipping night out . WHY ?? It should be about the movies . Do I want to see fake fairy glamour and a frock NO . I want the insperation and mindset behind the performance.

The fact is the Oscars are littered with the mates of mates walking away with a statue instead of WHO OR WHAT deserved the statue . Still peed Toy Sory 3 did not take best film too .
I think they should just do away with the Oscars. Its nothing more than a Fashion Show, The voting is all politics. There are a lot of Actors and Actresses that get left out. And a lot of great movies never got considered. They even nominate movies before they are released. Its a joke IMO.

Yeah I've noticed that they are nominated before cinema release , maybe hdn should do a yearly awards , as well as the steelbook of the year , we could have a private ceremony , ninjas could be chosen at random to reveal on stage the winners via envolope , only thing is every award would be finished "sorry blah blah couldn't make it tonight and they didn't make a vid for us because they didn't know about the hdn awards:rofl:
Some of the Academy's more egregious mistakes the past few years...

Jake Gyllenhaal deserved a nod for Nightcrawler.

Argo beating Zero Dark Thirty for Best Picture.

The King's Speech triumphing over The Social Network and Toy Story 3.

And finally... The complete snubbing of The Dark Knight and Christopher Nolan in 2008 for Picture/Director.
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Top 3 of all time for me:

3. Field of Dreams (and others) losing to Driving Miss Daisy.

2. Gary Oldman has never won an Oscar. How does that happen?

1. Star Wars lost to Annie Hall. Hmm...
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A useful resource !
Agree with field of dreams over driving miss daisy and I believe Zero Dark Thirty is a better movie than Argo which was another surprise.

Two more here ,Kramer v Kramer getting the nod over Apocalypse Now,imagine that's one the academy want back and I still believe Goodfellas is better than dances with wolves but won't begrudge the win as it's much better than some other winners .