Legendary Art Series Pacific Rim Gipsy Danger by Joshua Smith (Hydro74)


Est. 2011
Dec 5, 2011
Thunder Bay
PRICE: $50
SIZE: 18" x 24"
ORDER: Legendary Shop



In collaboration with Legendary’s Art Series and Joshua Smith, we’re delighted to present this Limited Edition Hand Numbered Screenprint. The 3 color screen printed edition of 150 comes with an Artist Signed Certificate of Authenticity.

Printed on uncoated archival paper by D&L Screen printing using hand mixed colors, quality techniques and materials.

Please allow 28 days for delivery.
The mockup version makes the red look kind of dull but the red on that second shot looks incredibly vivid. The whole poster looks kind of like the art for WWZ blufans but with Gipsy Danger, I like it.