ParaJet - Street legal flying car ftw

Apr 2, 2009

As the design of the Parajet SkyCar evolves (compare the vehicle above with this shot), so does the car's online presence. During the successful Parajet SkyCar Expedition, when the "World's First Bio-fuelled Flying Car" flew from London, England to Timbuktu in Mali, Africa, the car was highlighted on the general Parajet website. Now, though, the SkyCar gets its own site, complete with picture galleries, videos and archived news reports and announcements. Previously, Parajet said test flights of the skycar might happen this September, with a possible release date of early 2010. There is no mention of the test flights on the new webpage, but, looking forward, we can learn from the site about an upcoming talk at the Royal Geographical Society about the SkyCar's Africa journey. More exciting, details on how to pre-order a SkyCar are now available. Parajet is accepting fully refundable (and re-sellable) deposits of £10,000 ($16,338 U.S.) good towards the SkyCar's estimated price of £50,000 ($81,700). Deliveries are now expected to take place in late 2010.


i dunno..i have my doubt tho..what happens if the chute breaks :ohno: