Mondo PEANUTS Hockey Screenprinted Poster Art by Charles Schulz


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It's been a big week over here, but we're not hanging up our skates just yet.

In addition to being one of the greatest cartoonists to ever live, Charles Schulz loved hockey. He spent his childhood in Minnesota playing the game and even brought it with him when he moved out west, by building his own rink: the Redwood Empire Arena.

With Game 3 of The Cup upon us, tomorrow we've got a new Hockey print in our Peanuts poster series with artwork by the legendary artist (and hockey hall-of-famer). Enjoy!

Available tomorrow, July 2nd, at 11 AM CT on The Drop.

PEANUTS Hockey Screenprinted Poster. Art by Charles Schulz. Printed by Lady Lazarus. 24" x 17". Edition of 175. Expected to ship in 3-5 Business Days. Ships to US & Canada. $45.