Peeps Movie In Development

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Sep 10, 2014
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PEEPS movie is in developement. Yes- a PEEPS movie. Not your "peeps"- as in your "homeboys"...
No- Peeps.The disgusting sugar baby chicks and marshmellow bunnies...

From Slashfilm:
----Just when you think you’ve heard it all, someone decides to make a Peeps movie. Yes, that’s Peeps as in those sugary marshmallow confections that crop up in drugstores everywhere around Easter.
The specific “someone” in this case is Adam Rifkin, director of Detroit Rock City, who has just optioned the film and TV rights to the candies. There’s no word yet on what the small-screen plans are, but the film is described as an animated “Lego Movie-esque family epic.”
Rifkin and his partners Brent Tinter and Brian E. Rochlin acquired the rights from Peeps manufacturer Just Born after the company heard their pitch for a full-length animated feature. Like The Lego Movie, the Peeps movie will bring together pre-existing IPs. Rifkin will write the script once he and the other producers fine-tune the story details.
The basic premise, though, has already been revealed. The film will take place the night before a Peeps diorama contest. A single Peep gets misplaced and must make his way through other fantastical dioramas to get back home before the contest judging begins. (Will one involved Peep jousting?)
According to Deadline, Rifkin came up with the idea after seeing his own niece and nephew build Peeps dioramas for a school project. His curiosity led him to the world of Peeps diorama contests, like the one hosted annually by the Washington Post.----
That's it...
I'm starting my script about the origin of CAP'N CRUNCH, and his lifelong epic, global adventure- as he searched for the elusive "Crunchberry"...:p
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