Penny Dreadful: The Complete Series (Blu-ray) [USA]


Bring The Good Times Home
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Jan 3, 2013
Release date: Feb. 7, 2017
Purchase link: Amazon
Price: TBA

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Jan 21, 2015
I guess it is alright if it is a hard box. I'm just worried it will be the usual cardboard holding the 3 seasons in their individual amaray ca:sleep:


Limited Ninja
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Nov 4, 2013
Hi, check out my unboxing of The Complete Series in slipcase. I noticed that sometimes slip was not shipped, which is the shame as it absolutely fabulous. The main star of the unboxing however is one of the greatest press kits for this amazing TV series. Not for sale and impossible to buy press kit, was send only to the members of press & probably people in the surrounding of the production. Designed as a leather book with gold print and scorpion on cover. It resembles and old novel or the book with spells. Edge detailed to look like book pages and even in hand it look stunning and faux book effect easily tricks you. The spine is curved and has gold elements. Inside the book there is press booklet with many fabulous photos and great information on cast, creators, producers, writers, production design, episode synopsis, credits. Behind the booklet when ribbon is pulled, more items are revealed - promotional DVD with 2 episodes, a promotional deck of tarot cards with promotional card which was not released with regular set, and a letter from John Logan, the creator. Show Time went all out to create this press kit – my top ten of best promo / press releases that contains DVD or Blu-ray ever.

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