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Apr 12, 2009
Hello ninjas!

Chime in with the last Mondo or other pins you purchased!

New Mondo Pins on sale here:
While October has left us, the spirit of fall and the joy of candy lives on. We continue to celebrate those with Halloween hearts with a brand new trio of enamel pins designed by Tom Whalen featuring Disney's beloved siblings HUEY, DEWEY, and LOUIE. The brothers first appeared in their devilishly charming costumes in the 1952 animated short TRICK OR TREAT. Pick your favorite, or collect them all - Available NOW at


HUEY, DEWEY, & LOUIE Enamel Pins. Designed by Tom Whalen. Huey (1.25" H), Dewey (1.22" H), and Louie (1.63" H). Soft Enamel pins on 2" x 3" backings. Expected to Ship in December 2019. Ships to Addresses in the US & Canada Only. $10 Each

Wizards rejoice!

Whether a newcomer or veteran, Mondo’s new collectible Magic: The Gathering enamel pins let you walk the planes in style. They won’t help you beat your friends at the table, but you’ll still look cooler than them even if you lose.
Enchant your lapels with these delightful mana artifacts centered on a miniature land card. Sport your native lands with a PLAINS, FOREST, SWAMP, MOUNTAINS or ISLAND enamel pin – or mix and match to show off the build of your favorite deck.

$10 each
1" H
Ships in 3-5 business days. Ships to addresses in the United States and Canada only.