Pixeljunk Series Megathread

Jan 29, 2009
PixelJunk is a series of downloadable games developed by Q-Games for the PlayStation 3. They are available for download and purchase on the PlayStation Store worldwide. The series made its debut on July 11th 2007 at E3 2007 with PixelJunk Racers.[1]

All PixelJunk games are presentable in 1080p full HD. The series is published by Q-Games in Japan, and by Sony Computer Entertainment in other territories.

Current Games

Series 1

The first series of PixelJunk games are all described by Q-Games producer Dylan Cuthbert as having "simplicity, familiarity, and originality" in common.[2] Games in the first series are also two-dimensional and run in 1080p HD at 60hz.

1-1: PixelJunk Racers


PixelJunk Racers, the first game in the PixelJunk series, was released worldwide on the PlayStation Store on September 13th, 2007.[3]

PixelJunk Racers bears structural similarity to slot car racing games. The racetracks of the game consist of five separate lanes within which the cars move. Unlike most traditional 3D car racing games, the camera is always fixed above the circuit, giving an aerial overview of the entire track.

1-2: PixelJunk Monsters


The second game in the PixelJunk series, PixelJunk Monsters, was released worldwide on the PlayStation Store on January 24th, 2008.[4]

PixelJunk Monsters borrows gameplay from titles in the "tower defense" genre. Players must stop waves of enemies by placing defensive towers around their castle. Enemies must be stopped before reaching the target in the castle at the end of their pathway.

An expansion pack for the game titled PixelJunk Monsters Encore was also released (under the production number 1-2a).

1-3: PixelJunk Eden


Q-Games unveiled their third PixelJunk game, PixelJunk Eden, at the 2008 Game Developer's Conference.[5] The game was released on the PlayStation Store on July 31, 2008.

Future games

PixelJunk Monsters PSP

According to Dylan Cuthbert, Q-Games' next project is a conversion of Pixel Junk Monsters to the PSP that will feature 50% more content that the Playstation 3 version.[6]

PixelJunk Dungeons

Q-Games fourth PixelJunk title will be PixelJunk Dungeons, which is currently in the conceptual phase of production.[2]

Series 2

Though a series 2 PixelJunk game has yet to be announced, Dylan Cuthbert has suggested that games of the second series could "...maybe take some of the old 3D looks and bring them up to the full HD kind of style
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Apr 2, 2009
Monsters is one everyone should have, I am even thinking about REbuying it for PSP, even though it has remote play.

remote play is terrible for monsters. well..remote is terrible for every game. but yea..a whole new island for psp, must have


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Feb 16, 2009
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Hey PixelJunk fans,

A couple of weeks ago we unveiled PixelJunk 1-4 in trailer form to the masses and had a HUGE response! I suppose we deserved it because we simultaneously launched our naming contest for the game as well. For those who missed it we decided to let you, the fans, have a go at naming our game for us. It all began to snowball as news sites picked up on the competition and our servers crashed a couple of times from the load!

In just one week we got over 100,000 visitors to http://pixeljunk.jp and 10,000 people offered up ideas for a name based on the trailer. Even though the trailer’s resolution left a lot to be desired, we got a ridiculous amount of praise… and the team’s ego has been inflated a bit, which is a good thing, because now we’ll have to work extra specially hard to live up to everyone’s expectations! :)

Anyway, we are now proud to announce that the name of the game has been picked! It will be called PixelJunk Shooter. Andy, the artist behind the style of the game, has knocked up a stunning logo that emphasizes the liquid element really well, as you can see below!


The lucky winner, picked from a hat of about 8 other people who voted for the same name, is Mario Paquet from Canada! We chose the name because: 1) it’s simple, 2) it describes the main thing you do in the game, and 3) it makes a great logo!

The other runner-up names were:

* PixelJunk Depths - Thomas Ella
* PixelJunk Atlantis - Takuhiro Hara
* PixelJunk Caves - Chi Lo
* PixelJunk Blaster - Edward Stumpfel
* PixelJunk S.O.S! - Derrick Kross

Other people voted for these names of course, but the above runners-up were picked out of a hat for each name in turn, so congratulations! T-shirts will be winging their way to you.

The most popular name suggested by a long shot was PixelJunk Elements, but we decided that it didn’t capture the shooting side of the game well enough and at the worst people might think it was a game about the weather. “Depths” almost became the chosen name but our producer at Sony Santa Monica, Deborah Mars, sounded like she had a lisp when she said it, so we dropped that one early on. We needed to choose a name everyone can enunciate. ;-)

Thanks for the incredible response and vibe we got from everyone. We are going to make this game a smash hit! If you manage to get into E3 next week you’ll be able to play a newer demo than the one shown in the video which has a number of cool new things in it… including co-op play!

source: blog.us.playstation.com/2009/05/25/pixeljunk-1-4-drumroll-please-…/