Planet Earth - Ultimate Collectable Edition (Blu-ray SteelBook) [Korea]

Mar 21, 2013
South Korea
Release date: January 22, 2016
Purchase link: It will be available for purchase via exclusively for overseas customers.
- Full Slipbox (1000 copies only for international)
- Lenticular Full Slipbox (500 copies only for international)
- Quater Slip (300 copies only for international)

Price: Full Slipbox with 100p Booklet - $89.99 | Lenticular - $89.99 | Quater - $86.99
* Discount price for Pre-order : $5.00

Note: It's 6 Discs, Not Jumbo steelbook. Made in Denmark. Numbered limited edition, includes a 100 page booklet.

Quarter Slipcover | Full Slipbox | Lenticular Full Slipbox
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'Planet Earth' Ultimate Collector's Edition (6 Discs) Steelbook Tin Proof Artwork.
Mirage Entertainment's release of Planet Earth will be the world's first Blu-ray Steelbook for the renowned tv series.
Plain Archive was not involved in the making of this product, but this release will be available for purchase via our online store exclusively for overseas customers.
The Steelbook preview came out great, and we're looking forward to seeing the final product. More details of this release will be announced soon.

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- New High quality sound.
- added New commentary.
- added Special Feature disc

(Pre-order date is Dec 13 04:00 (KST))
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Is this BBC's Planet Earth ? the same producers that did Frozen Planet and The Hunt (the best one yet, currently watching this on BBC iPlayer).

If that's a yes. I will definitely be buying this.
Never heard of this movie but I will keep an eye on this thread for future updates. Sounds interesting will give this a watch.
Just got the Globe for $40 nib.... Love to add this steelbook, weblink to buy or do we think there will be a gb?
Would love to replace my original release copy with this edition :hungry:. Just hope that it doesn't cost the earth :LOL:.
Good to see this getting a steelbook

This was one of the titles mentioned in a recent poll on HDN that the BBC asked to get feedback if a steelbook had interest for a release

It's possible this might get a UK release now that it is getting a release in Korea
I wonder if the BBC are going for other titles from the feedback provided by HDN members
Great doc series,
Wonder what the 6th bonus disc is?
The bonus disc with the blu Ray box set I own is the natural world disc featuring desert lions and snow leopards.

Would be cool if the uk got this but I don't think I would double dip on it.
Life and frozen planet is great too and currently watching the hunt which started last week