PlayStation 5 - Main Discussion Thread


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May 24, 2020
Well...yeah. They do want to keep costs low. If they increased production cost of the housing to make it a different shape, this would then trickle on to consumers who would have to pay more for the console. The point is to keep the cost as low as possible so consumers can be charged the lowest possible price to increase install base.
Sure, it would have been interesting to have a circular console & I have seen some of those custom designs, but they're all just shells, there's no thought given to the internal components which just fit better in square housing. If you made it circular a square disc drive, square solid state drive & a square fan unit would have to fit on top of each other in the machine.
Form factor plays a big part into why 99% of consoles are square.
Redesign it all, no on is putting effort into recreating the computer chip, the hard drives the fans etc it's still the same stuff all squares in phones,computers, consoles etc

Someone needs to redesign the entire computer chip it can be done but companies won't bother because it costs too much.

We need another elon musk , a man who thinks outside the square box.....a man like me!


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Feb 26, 2013
And i have a feeling this will be last disc version console. ps5, and perhaps maybe even this launch unit is last disc version model even for ps5 unless there is a themed one within 1 year of release to tie in with a game launch. Gimme a miles morales ps5 plz :)
not enough money in the collectors edition business? or will they continue without physical discs? that would be it for me then... not into toys or statues.. just steelbooks and full slips :/


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Jun 4, 2013
I actually really like the design. I like that it’s Completely different design to previous PS systems, looks kinda futuristic and went with a different colour scheme. It’s refreshing. Maybe they will do different Coloured variations over the years. Would be cool.

It does kinda remind me of the tower from lord of the rings but at least it’s not as boring as the new Xbox. That looks horrendous lol

only games that interest me for now are horizon forbidden west, spiderman miles morales and little devil inside.

I never buy the consoles when they first come out anyway, I usually wait a year sometimes a bit longer and although I prefer the look of the digital version because it’s slightly slimmer and more symmetrical I’ll end up getting the one with the disc drive. I just prefer physical media Plus this will have backward capabilities
Aug 22, 2013
Isle of Wight
Last of Us Part 2 arrived today, separate install and play discs like FFVII remake. Seems like this could become the norm for next gen unless BDXLs have a significant price drop.
Aug 22, 2013
Isle of Wight
Its definitely gonna be bigger than the Series X but that picture has been debunked. The shadows don't match, its just a photoshop of what they think it'll be like.
Has it been debunked? It doesn't look like the correct shape so I'm sceptical, but all I could find before posting is people speculating whether it's real or not.
Jul 28, 2019
United Kingdom
The option to have 2 consoles with and without disc is good but I feel like I am going to go for a disc version anyway.
I'm mostly buying digital games nowadays when they are on sale just for the ease of not having to swap disc all the time when I want to play something else. Tho' I would still like to have the option of a disc drive.

Plus, if something happens and the world goes to bits I'd still want to play my console with disc games if internet is wiped away haha