Playstation Network Currently Under Construction


beer snob
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Feb 16, 2009
Milwaukee, WI
Anyone who attempts to sign into the Playstation Network today will receive a succinct message stating that the PSN is “currently undergoing maintenance,” and online access will not be granted. No other information is currently available respective to the nature of this construction. This is most likely just routine work, but could Sony be preparing us for major Store overhaul? Or perhaps, even a major firmware update? *GASP!*


Update 1: new screen is now an error message


Update 2: PSN is back again! Check that, more connection issues still occuring... Apparently only the PS Store is down. Stay tuned for more info...
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Jun 28, 2009
i signed on for like 30 seconds and my friends list was empty, then it signed me out....thats my 30 second adventure for the day....