PopCap strikes PlayStation Network deal

Jan 29, 2009
Sony Online Entertainment has given PS3 a serious casual games boost with the new that it has penned a deal with leading publisher PopCap to bring five its best selling consoles to PlayStation network for PS3.

Bejeweled 2 should already be available on the European arm of the service. Four other titles are also lined up for release – Peggle, Zuma, Heavy Weapon and Feeding Frenzy.

All games will offer PlayStation Trophies and 1080p graphics and will also be playable on PSP via Remote Play.

“As leaders in their genre, PopCap is to casual games what SOE is to MMOs,” Sony Online Entertainment president John Smedley stated.

“Being the second largest publisher on the PlayStation Network, SOE is excited that this partnership will expand the PlayStation Network catalogue with awesome casual titles that players of all types can enjoy.”
May 14, 2009
Richmond, VA
I love Popcap games..... my buddies and I used to always go to the library in highschool studyhall and play these games. We all got extremely good at the pirate ship one - "Seven Seas":hilarious: Other group favs were Alchemy and Dynomite. I'd have to get those on principal if they came to the PSN.