Predator (1987) (4K+3D+2D Blu-ray SteelBook) (FilmArena Collection #158) [Czech Republic]

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Jun 30, 2014
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Release date: January 12, 2022 (E1 - E5) - January 19 (E2) - January 26 (E3) - February 2 (E4)
Purchase links: Edition 1 - Edition 2 - Edition 3 - Edition 4 - Edition 5
Price: 1799 CZK (E1) - 1899 CZK (E2 - E3) - 7499 CZK (E4) - 1199 CZK (E5)
Group buy: hosted by carllenc Edition 1 - Edition 2 - Edition 3 - Edition 4

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Jan 4, 2012
I just wish they'd release the "uncut" original version of The Predator. It included a whole subplot that featured Edward James Olmos as a general in a secret facility where 2 Predators (in military fatigues) lived, eventually teaming up with the Loonies (in an APC) when the Upgrade releases various Predator hybrids into the mix.

Sounded proper barmy but I kinda think the series needed something like this.....
Yeah, remember that.

These were the guys....

predator-2.jpg Ei2nclkXYAE-CGN.jpg
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is going to need a bigger boat
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Jul 6, 2016
i don't know if i have been collecting too long or have simply become complete innured to delays :sleep:, but nothing in the FAC statement is unusual for FAC - aside from actually giving us a full year's schedule, is that a first? :wow: WeET have a super fast turnaround from announcements to beauty shots to GBs, but they really are an outlier; most other premium retailers have regular delays (hi, Manta!). it takes time to source approvals, and also some materials in the pandemic - and more importantly, studio approvals for anything Fox-related are completely screwed, now, because of Disney. :grumpy: but yes, you could save all this by making announcements only when you have everything ready, like WeET.

i think my record for a steelbook from payment to arrival is 2.5 years, but for collectables i am entering my third year of anticipation for one thing. :rolleyes: provided we get regular communications as to what's happening - and there's also an option for people who do not wish to wait to get their money back (or if it's cancelled, everyone) - i'm ok with this (although i do appreciate i am in a privileged position where - well, currently, at least :ohno: - the cost of this release is not going to seriousy hurt my finances).

i do hope FAC Predator doesn't go the same way as the originally planned Manta Alien franchise set, though...
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Aug 25, 2014
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Wow, just waded through quite a few posts, this is disappointing, delayed for a TV movie, ahem, streaming service film sometime this yeah huh being Predator 5 or Prey. Yeah I'm skipping the AvP x2, you don't count. I also hope Prey is back on form for what it's worth. But to delay this for that reason, whatever.

Cumulatively this release has a small fortune tied up now, so no wonder how annoyed people are.I'l be patient like I am with other suppliers, but begorrah this is not great news at all, really wanted this in hand to go with FAC Alien. Time to now get arthritis in the hand joints....

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So the studio knows that the original Predator is better, than whatever they cooked for Straight to Streaming (call it StS, like DtV - Direct to Video before that, or better yet SS, like the infamous Nazis, at least in regards to Disney, a truly Evil company), and don't want it to overshadow their Prey. Also there was something about a new UHD disc - new transfer? If not, what's the point.
Anyway, Disney sucks, Disney always sucked, and Disney will suck. Just gotta wait for their acquired properties' profits to fall, which already started, and they'll turn back to home media release for compensation.

FilmArena is not at fault here, don't compare them to CM. They timely inform of delays, and they're usually not their fault.

What does amaze me, is their preorder schedule - approximately 4 a month. Do they realize, that they have to manufacture, assemble, pack and ship out 1 set if editions EVERY week?
How long does it take them now? 10-12 weeks. Divide 48 weeks in the year by that, and announce FOUR preorders. That's it! If you're capable of handling them faster, THEN 'predobjednavkai' more.

Personally I keep forgetting about this release so the delay doesn't bother me really and as I don't buy a lot of FAC editions I don't mind having money tied up in just 1 release (might be different if there were multiple different editions I was waiting on)
Did you see the full preorder plan list in the Company thread? After a year like that, you could have a small fortune invested. :smuggrin:

Yeah man I enjoyed the predator too. Thomas Jane was weird but other than that I liked it. It’s Miles better than predators
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i also enjoyed the predator and i fecking hate predators
Yeah, because more boring woods...
I liked the 4th Predator too!


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Sep 10, 2012
FYI: I noticed that Predator is being released on Disney+ on the 18th February in UK...
Predator 2 will be also on Disney+ on 18th February

Notes that's Disney+ in Europe and some other countries that have Star as part of Disney+

Predators (2010) is already available on Disney+

The Predator (2018) is on Disney+ in Australia but should be added to other countries later this year


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Apr 28, 2011
Dear Collectors,
let me give you a brief update on the two delayed projects BTTF and Predator.

We are waiting for when PREDATOR gets the final confirmation. From current information, it is possible to estimate that it will not be before Disney + starts operations in our territory, which should be June 14, 2022. After this date, we should know more. Until then, we also postpone these editions.

At BTTF, we were delayed in the delivery of an essential component, which is a premium cassette with a license plate and guitar picks. The BTTF BOX is the busiest box we've ever created, so we cared a lot. We believe that you will be able to properly appreciate this at the end of May when we should send out the BTTF Maniacs Box. If we take any minor delays due to more complex completion, please do not get mad at us for it. We only take the time that these editions deserve :).

Thank you for your understanding and cooperation.
Best regards,
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Jul 22, 2020
I just got an invoice for this steelbook. Anybody else know if it is really being released now?
Not right now, no. Currently set for 27th July, moved from 27th April, moved from 26th Jan. So they're essentially moving them out 3 months at a time, which seem like placeholder dates to me. I've heard whisperings of September being more realistic, but we'll have to see, as it's all down to Disney's whim really.


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Jul 10, 2019
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Not right now, no. Currently set for 27th July, moved from 27th April, moved from 26th Jan. So they're essentially moving them out 3 months at a time, which seem like placeholder dates to me. I've heard whisperings of September being more realistic, but we'll have to see, as it's all down to Disney's whim really.
You'd think the big mouse would be all over media merchandise and just agree :wtf: greed is all they know :rofl: