Predator Variant [Play Arts Kai Figure]


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Order: Bigbadtoystore
Release: October 2015
Price: $139.99


The Predator series was a marked departure from the typical science fiction genre, with a unique concept: an invader from space, physically superior to humans, that enjoys hunting for sport. Now that Predator makes its appearance in the Variant Play Arts KAI series! The armor is designed to replicate bones. A mask and face reminiscent of a Japanese ogre, called oni. These qualities accentuate the terror inspired by the Predator, and express its brutal horror. Great care was put into the texture as well, and no detail was spared on the paintwork. The armor combines a sinister and flashy look, and its skin is a mix of red and white to bring out a fleshy tone. With its accessories the collector can create many ominous poses of the Predator.

Pre-painted Complete Action Figure
Size: Approx. 11"

[Set Contents]
-Main figure
-Heavy stick
-Optional claw part
-Optional helmet part
-Optional opened mouth part
-Optional hand parts x3
Predator_1.jpg Predator_3.jpg Predator_4.jpg
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