Slipbox Prisoners (Blu-ray Slipbox) (Steelarchive Exclusive K Series) [Germany]


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May 16, 2013
In Technicolor
Release date: 12 August 2017
Purchase link: SteelArchive (Preorder live 29 May 2017)
Price: 39.95€
Note: Limited to 500 copies. Includes photo book and 6 photo cards.


Info zu :

The Neon Demon / Prisoners

Beide Edition sind jetzt fest und werden umgesetzt.

Prisoners : Die neuen Gespräche sind abgeschlossen und es läuft jetzt für beide Seiten zu vernünftigen Konditionen.

Änderungen : Auflage : 500 K-Serie

The Neon Demon : Leider ohne Booklet, da es seitens des Lizenzeigners nicht erwünscht ist. Daher mit Photobook.

Auflage : 300 K-Serie

Release / Preorder nach Fertigstellung

It's happening again!
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Prisoners Full Slip

Hello everybody,

Just now came the panties for Prisoners.

Unfortunately there was a printing error here, so it has to be reprinted.

This may cause the scheduled release on 12/08/17 to be in danger.

There will be a talk with the printing company tomorrow and I hope that the new printing can start as soon as possible.
Facebook is to blame for the "pants" translation by the way. :giggle:

no panties for Prisoners lol

The printer use the wrong file for the print.
He begins next week with the new slips.

So I thing delayed maybe 1 week
Prisoners Update,

The New Briefs, without printing errors, are printed and marked so that we will ultimately have a 1 week delay.

Here are photos of the 44 P Booklets, the 16 P Photo Book (located in the keep case)
And the inlay of the keep cases.

The Cards are also in the "keep case" in the black envelope.

1.jpg 2.jpg 3.jpg 4.jpg 5.jpg 6.jpg 7.jpg 8.jpg 9.jpg
The Amazon Link is not the SA Product. Go ahead and order it and you will get something else.
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I find it so hard to follow Steelarchive's posts. The machine translation from German doesn't help, but I also feel like he's writing for some exclusive circle and I never quite know what's going on :rofl:
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I think we should all order it and claim the money back when a completely different version arrives. That way, we'd have bought one of the best movies made for free legitimately ;):rofl:
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