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Mar 1, 2012
Lisbon - Portugal
Hey my friends!

Im looking to trade a few steels!
Click here for my Ebay feedback page.
Payments to be made in Euros only.

I REMOVED PRICES AS I PREFFER TO TRADE. Im willing to trade multiples for my wants. I might have other stuff in case you have one of my Wants and althought im looking to trade i might be open to selling, depends on which title and how much.


Registered mail with tracking
[250g - 500g]..........7,50 eur.........10 eur
[500g - 1kg]............10,50 eur.......17 eur
[1kg - 2kg]..............15 eur...........24,50 eur

- Call Me By Your Name (WeET FullSlip)

HAVES (All new and Sealed unless otherwise stated):

Pacific Rim (Blufans Exclusive)

Iron Man (Blufans Exclusive Lenticular) (OPEN - Slight Shelfware)
Rio (Blufans Exclusive)
Wreck it Ralph (BF Exclusive Lenticular with stickers)
Drive (Novamedia Lenticular)
Dredd (Japan)
Iron Man 3 (Taiwan)

Pacific Rim (Japan)
Pacific Rim (Futureshop Exclusive)
Django Unchained (Taiwan)
MI4 - Ghost Protocol (China)
Le Grand Bleu (Kimchi Exclusive 1/4 Slip)

Wolverine (Korea)
Nightcrawler (HMV Exclusive)
Total Recall
(2012) (HMV Exclusive)
Who Framed Roger Rabbit (Zavvi Exclusive)
Only God Forgives (Zavvi Exclusive)
Star Trek (3 Disc Play Exclusive)
(Smal wrap tears and paintchip on blue banner)
Taken (Play Exclusive)
Robocop (Play Exclusive)

Battle Royale (UK)
Resident Evil: Retribution 3D (Media Markt Exclusive)

Donnie Darko (SDCC Slipcover)

Already Traded:

The Nightmare Before Christmas (Zavvi Exclusive) (Sold to JohnJohn)
Guardians of the Galaxy (Blufans Exclusive 1/4) (Sold to Shooter75)

The Wrestler (Plain Archive Full Slip) (35 Eur) Traded for La La Land (Korea) with lemonlinnn

The Hobbit: An Unexpected Journey (3D Edition Limited to 100 with 48 page Artbook) (Trade or 40 Eur) (SOLD ELSEWHERE)

Wall-E (BF Exclusive Lenticular) (Trade or 59 Eur) (SOLD DO larson1977)
UP (Blufans Exclusive Lenticular) (Trade or 59 Eur) (SOLD DO larson1977)

Avengers (HMV Exclusive) (Trade or 30 Eur) (SOLD ELSEWHERE)

Guardians of the Galaxy (Novamedia Exclusive Lenti B) (Trade or 98 Eur) (SOLD TO HARRY)

Captain America (Blufans Exclusive 1/4) (Trade or 55 Eur) (SOLD ELSEWHERE)

Guardians of the Galaxy (Blufans Exclusive UE) (Trade or 77 Eur) (Sold to fuchS1337)

Thor (Blufans Exclusive Lenticular) (Sold to Jac)

Captain America (Blufans Exclusive Lenticular) (Sold to Jac)

Aliens (Sold Elsewhere)

Predator (Play Exclusive) (Sold Elsewhere)
Predator 2 (Play Exclusive) Sold Elsewhere)
Terminator (Play Exclusive) (Sold Elsewhere)

Aladdin (Zavvi Exclusive) (Sold Elsewhere)
Dumbo (Zavvi Exclusive) (Sold Elsewhere)
Drive (Futureshop Mondo Exclusive) (Solde Elsewhere)
Her (Kimchidvd Exclusive Lenticular) (Sold elsewhere)
Jurassic Park (Trade or 19 Eur / 13 GBP / 20 USD) (Sold)
Drive (Novamedia Exclusive Full Slip) (Selective Trade or 60 Eur / 42 GBP / 65 USD) (Sold to ruioptica)
Le Grand Bleu (Kimchi Exclusive Lenticular) (Trade or 39 Eur / 27 GBP / 41 USD) (Sold to ruioptica)
Captain America (BF Exclusive Lenticular - Nº 1122) (Trade or 85 Eur / 61 GBP / 91 USD) (Sold to Agentcooper)
Iron Man (BF Exclusive Lenticular - Nº 1586) (Perfect condition with BF Sticker but opened by Custom Services) (Trade or 60 Eur / 42 GBP / 62 USD) (Sold to Agentcooper)
Captain America (Small Wrap tear on the bottom, see picture) (Selective Trade) (Trade with charleybusko)
Looper (Futureshop Exclusive Lenticular) (Trade or 39 eur / 27 GBP / 40 USD) (Pending Trade Trade with blumetal)
Iron Man (BF Exclusive V1 Case) (Perfect condition with BF Sticker but opened by Custom Services) (X2 Trade or 12 Eur / 8 GBP / 12 USD) (Trade with blumetal)
Frozen - Anna Edition (BF Exclusive - Nº 0122) (Selective Trade or 89 Eur / 63 GBP / 93 USD) (Trade with blumetal)
Terminator 2 (kimchi Exclusive #1) (1x Left - Trade or 55 Eur / 43 GBP / 71 USD) (Traded with CasuallyDressed)
Frozen - Ultimate Edition (BF Exclusive - Nº 0017) (Selective Trade or 119 Eur / 102 GBP / 159 USD) (TRADED ON ANOTHER FORUM)
Seven Psychopaths (Hidefninja Exclusive with artcards limited to 500) (Trade or 30 Eur / 23.80 GBP / 40.80 USD) (SOLD TO TOWSER)
Jack Reacher (BF Exclusive with Full Slip) (Trade or 55 eur / 43 GBP / 71 USD) (SOLD TO TOWSER)
Face Off (BF Exclusive) (Selective Trade) (SOLD TO TOWSER)
Thor (HMV Exclusive) (140 Eur / 112 GBP / 185 USD - Shipping included) (Sold to Travis Binkle)
Frozen (Kimchi Exclusive Lenticular) (125 Eur / 99 GBP / 161 USD - Shipping included) (sold to sroap)
Lawrence Of Arabia (HDZeta Exclusive Full Slip) (Trade with txohlo - I Saw The Devil PET Plain Archive)

The Goonies (Sold elsewhere)

Aladdin (Zavvi Exclusive) (Trade or 39 Eur / 30.90 GBP / 53 USD) (Sold to perchut)

Lawless (Play Exclusive) (Trade or 24 Eur / 19 GBP / 32.60 USD) (Sold Elswhere)
Terminator 2 (kimchidvd Exclusive #1) (Traded with Marcuszoller - Amelie Kimchidvd Full Slip)
Hunger Games (HMV Exclusive) (Trade or 25 eur)(Sold elsewhere)
Captain America (Traded with mehbeh - Le Grand Bleu Kimchi Lenticular)
Iron Man 3 - 3D (Type B) (Selective Trade or 98 eur) (Sold to thesource7)
Captain America (1x sold to sgmarine)
Django Unchained (DVDstore.it Exclusive, Nº 0949) (Traded with pjking - The Raid (UK) )
Iron Man (Play.com Exclusive) (Traded with Masterblaster - Ratatouille (Canada or US)
Battleship (Traded with jvules - Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows ***8211; Part 1 (FS Canada))
Real Steel (Traded with jvules - Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince (FS Canada))
American Beauty (Traded with jvules - Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows ***8211; Part 2 (FS Canada))
Predator 2 (Media Markt Excl)(Traded with jvules - Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire (FS Canada))
Resident Evil: Retribution 3D (Media Markt Excl)(Traded with jvules - Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets (FS Canada) + Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban (FS Canada))

And that's it for now!


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