PS3, Panny, Panny HTIB Hook-up Issue

Jan 29, 2009
Alright, my brother finally made the HD plunge, getting a 42" 1080p Panny Plasma, with a 1000W Panny DVD HTIB, and a PS3.

Now with the setup, can I run HDMI to the TV, then optical out of the TV, to the receiver, and still receive the Normal 5.1? Or Should I HDMI to the TV for video only, and then optical out to the HTIB for audio.

The only issue with the 2nd one is that you don't receive audio from your cable signal then from the TV, as the TV has a straight coaxial hooked into, not a fancy HD box.

So my real question is, Will the HDTV downgrade it to 2.0 since its not a source through the antenna? Or will it mess up the PCM out to receiver via the PS3...

Because technically I should leave it in standard mode, and it should play what its receiving, and when I do that, all speakers talk, only the center should. But If I put it in Manual Mode and throw it into the Pro II Movie Mode, it works correctly, but from what I know, I should only have to use Standard Mode.

We were using a DVD to test it out, but it outputs in 5.1 so technically i shouldn't have an issue, even though its not a blu-ray.

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Panasonic - TC-P42S1
PS3 Slim - 120 gb
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Apr 17, 2009
San Diego, CA
thanks guys. I'm slowly learning but audio has never been something I was really into... and now that I have my own place it's a lot more important. lol...