PS3 Power Pyramid

Apr 17, 2009
San Diego, CA
Konnet Technology's latest PlayStation 3 accessory, the Power Pyramid.


An empty Power Pyramid​

The Power Pyramid has two functions: it's a fancy stand for four Sixaxis or DualShock 3 controllers, and it also acts as a charging station.

The Power Pyramid mimics the simplistic but elegant design of the PS3. It has a 'modern art' feel, with two obelisks jutting out of the base that meet up to form a stand.

There are four controller ports, which connect directly to each controller's mini USB port. While functioning as a charge station, the AC adaptor runs under the base of the Power Pyramid, so that means no unsightly wires in plain view. It doesn't require a connection to a PS3, either. Additionally, LED lights emit red light if the controllers are charging, and blue light when they're fully charged -- a useful, power-saving feature.


Fully Charged DualShocks​

The elephant in the room is the peripheral's price tag. The Power Pyramid will run you $54.99 USD -- nearly the price of a full retail game. It's certainly not an essential add-on, but "it's one that we've used surprisingly often." (according to If you have some spare dough, you should look for the Power Pyramid in a retail store or purchase one online.
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