PSN High Stakes Poker

Jan 29, 2009
we still play just not very often, they tried making it a new thing like kz2, and socom, but it didnt work, just like every other game since cod4.


beer snob
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Feb 16, 2009
Milwaukee, WI
the tables ive been at people pretty much just go all in right away hoping to get lucky, then leave if they lose.

reminds me of playing pokerstars with my roomies frosh year in the free rooms. i made a couple million in chips then sold the account for real money on ebay. i couldnt believe the guy paid me real money for fake money EEK!
Apr 27, 2009
finally, a reason to use home!

I use to play for money. I was one tournament away from going to vegas after winning 3 in a row. I had the guy beat until the river. I wouldve become chip leader, instead it knocked me out of the last tournament. I realized after that when they say poker can be a lot of stress and run you down they aren't kidding. That was a heck of a weekend.