Puds Star Trek Collection..


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Here is my collection so far, hope you enjoy.

UK Play

Zavvi White

Zavvi Black


Entertainment Store


Australian Steel Slip

Blufans Triple Pack


My own Little Star Fleet

Latest Additions

2nd copy Turned & re sealed

More to Follow, Thanks for Looking

Some new additions to the fleet


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Apr 17, 2014
WOW This is amazing! This would be my dream collection if I had enough money. I love the plaque to go with the movies. Pud, do you have a whole shelf dedicated to be filled with the Ships?

I was really guessing what the 14th ship was, because it looked triangular like a Prometheus but then it had only a pair of very small low nacelles. A google search revealed it to be the Dauntless, Ah just seeing a different angle brought memories of the voyager episode. I totally forgot it but I think there was an empty ship that had some inoperable prototype slipstream drive.

Anyway + 10 for my ideal dream collection. Gotta sub this thread!
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Right Guys I have a ship to give away. I was sent a replacement as the stand was missing a fork so if someone doesn't mind a dab of glue to keep the ship in place then put your name down & I will random a winner. Ship in question is The USS Enterprise NCC-1701-E & I have added a picture of both the ship & the stand with the missing fork .....:thumbs: