Rampage (Blu-ray SteelBook) (HDzeta Special Edition Silver Label) [China]

Added to Calendar: 05-05-19

Nope, intentionally skipped this one :hilarious:
I retract my previous statement :censored: Watched this yesterday and enjoyed it a lot actually :thanks: George was awesome! :D Just took note of the :bestbuy: steels and they both look great with clean "RAMPAGE" title only and awesome art inside/out :drool: The WWA here will be the standard trade wide release I assume with the added "BIG MEETS BIGGER" subtitle... :cautious:

May have to look at importing the BB 4K version :coffee:
May 14, 2018
Rampage was indeed awesome. The monsters just would not die at the end, what action. EPIC ending scene to finish the movie off. And for those of you who like "The Walking Dead", so cool to see Jeffery Dean Morgan in full "Negan" mode.

Loved It.