Reflecting Skin (Blu-ray SteelBook) (Zavvi Exclusive) [UK]


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Apr 12, 2009
Release date: 30th of November, 2015
Purchase link: Zavvi Exclusive Ultra Limited Steelbook (Live Sat 12pm BST)
Price: £14.99

Note: Limited to 2000 copies


Product page:

·First ever official release on Blu-ray anywhere in the world+

·Newly restored in a high-definition transfer from original elements

·All-new retrospective documentary covering the making of the film, including new and exclusive interviews with Philip Ridley and Viggo Mortensen Philip Ridley's short films Visiting Mr Beak (1987) and The Universe Of Dermot Finn (1988)

·Available on home video for the first time



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Looks like a Soda Pictures logo on the spine - they also brought us Dead Man and Only Lovers Left Alive - both excellent steelbooks and films. I won't be blind buying this but I'll rent it after it's released given it's not even out on DVD.
I'd recommend a rental first. I thought I would love the film as it sounded great, had reviews on IMDb calling it a masterpiece and comparing it to David Lynch. But it has ridiculously overblown directing and atrocious acting. I though it was hugely overrated aside from a couple moments of dark humor, a serviceable Viggo Mortensen, some nice cinematography, and a disturbing atmosphere.

Also Studiocanal's black-and-white inside art sucks as usual. The back is awesome though and should have been the front.
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I've not even heard of this so I just had a little read up about it and it's sounds interesting. Steelbook looks ok (like that back) and although it's slightly mixed reviews on here I think this might be a bit of me. Have to see
Thought this was Days of Heaven when I first saw the artwork and got super excited. Never heard of this film, but it looks interesting... not sure I'd be willing to blind buy though.
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Never heard of this movie but what's quiet interesting is to no that this is the first release for this title and the artwork looks quiet nice with the colours which stand out really well. Probably purchase it after viewing the movie thanks for the tag as always @SK 80...
I'll join the club, never seen or heard of this before. Reading up on it it sounds interesting though.

This is actually the type of films I have no problem blind buying. :p
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Release date: 30th of November, 2015

It should be down to £7.99 in time for the January sales.

Price will be lower than that in January

trailer looks fantastic

steelbook not so much

will probably buy at a low price

I mean, I know it's Zavvi and you have to take it with a grain of salt, but this does say ULTRA limited. Considering most things that are listed as "limited" have around a 2,000 print you guys really think this will still be available that far in the future? With it being "ultra limited", I could see this having like a 500 print run, and selling out a lot faster than usual.