Rocky - Remastered Limited Edition (Blu-ray SteelBook) [UK]

Release Date: Febuary 10, 2014
Purchase links:
Zavvi - £16.99 Live!
Sainsburys - £15.99



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The 'Negative' Ninja
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Feb 12, 2012
Not sure about the artwork, but the film is deserving of the treatment and a new disc is great news too. They need to do the other films aswell though. As it is Fox, I guess they won't be far behind.
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May 27, 2013
Just ordered from sainsburys. Not sure about the artwork..but I've always been a sucker for any rocky release so I'm very happy its getting a steelbook and I hope the rest will follow:scat:


Aug 4, 2012
Artwork looks pretty decent, I can imagine the title will no doubt be embossed. It be kind of cool if they brought out the sequels as a matching set. Yeah, they're not as loved, but if Batman and Robin, and Daredevil can get steeled, the Rocky saga can!


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Jul 4, 2013
Vienna / Austria
i hope "remastering" doesnt mean DNR'ing it to hell!
if the original source looks washed out and grainy, this should not be altered by using too much digital effects imho.
Jun 24, 2013
I dont like this artwork, why not the thatrical poster artwork ?
Its this new disc sourced from a 4K master like Terminator and Robocop ?

Some rumors says, "The good, the bad and the ugly" becomes a remastered edition too.

I hope MGM make remastered editions to Platoon, Windtalkers(Directors Cut) and Silence of the Lambs.
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