Save 25%-ends Nov 1-Live Now-HDN -Halloween Fest 1

USE CODE HF1 for 25% off all Halloween Fest items here



Stay tuned for more details & thanks everyone for sharing via social media to other horror fans and friends!

This Event will kick off Sept. 21st. That is the page that on Sept 21st (at an undisclosed time yet) the products will appear. There is no exclusive "Movie" so just figured I'd state that so don't get your hopes up.

However, there are some really cool items and pieces, some custom made, and some original art limited to 1. Unique offerings in HDN history. ;) If it appeals to you then it might be worth snatching up fast since there are no prints of these 8 pieces of art. Originals...

As you can see the AWESOME Halloween Ninja print is still available and I personally highly recommend it. They are both awesome in person and cool to hang/display around Sept /October of the year. (Or all year if you are evil...)

The Green one is not sold out, however it was delisted last year around this time. I figured it would be cool to hold the small remaining stock of the green variant for this time this year. So it will go live on Sept 21st. I believe there is only like 7 left. Designed by OUR Ninja @AlexG

This is a different event for us ... but I have hopes that it goes over well so we can do more for other things throughout the year and get feedback and such from you all.

I know @bigrob has been concocting all sorts of stuff (give-aways) that will be some nice surprises for you all. Also the writing team from both the USA and UK will be doing some opinion pieces. I hope you all give these talented bunch some time to read and comment when they get posted. I think the personal opinion piece will be more fun to read then typical review stuff.

Whether you LOVE Horror or just barely like it ... this is the time to join in and have fun and share movie recommendations and such for this time of the year. I'm not a horror nut by any means, but I do like being festive during that part of the year.

Oh, and we'll have some autographed items from a LEGEND in the Horror field!



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