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Oct 13, 2013
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I've signed this!!!! He's a breath of fresh air in today's world over over the top PC brigade!! Yeah he's self opinionated and a bit arrogant, but I really don't care.... Because he says what he thinks and also the BBC have no right to judge him or anyone else considering the Jimmy NONCE CASE Saville debacle and as tv licence payers, we should have more say as to what we watch on it. They could lose these sh*t cookery shows and crap like Eastenders easily!! Also he makes them multiple millions with Top Gear and it wouldn't nowhere near as popular without him. BRING HIM BACK YOU STUCK UP BBC TWATS!!!!
He going nowhere, the show makes over £100million and is officially the most syndicated Uk show as listed in the Guinness book of records. Clarkson has 10's of millions of fans worldwide, the Beeb would loose a lot of money if Clarkson leaves them.

Still, over half a million sigs in less than 24hours is VERY impressive. Took the Nomorepage3 campaign over 2 years to get half that lol.

Signed anyway as the man's a God! [emoji41]
We all don't know what really happened and everyone has there own opinion, but bottomline:
- Clarkson, Richard and Captain Slow make Topgear, Topgear.
- Topgear is an a-graded show and a big export product of the BBC.
- as psychoscot mentioned, they make money because of this illusive trio.

If they would break there contract with Clarkson, then there wouldnt be a Topgear. I personally love the show and the perfect balance of all 3 presentators. It seriously is a very good show if you like cars. Their editing skills and director of photography is amazing.

Let's just hope this fades away.
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Not a fan of his at all, he is a gigantic arse. It seems he is always doing something to put either the BBC or Top Gear in hot water. I remember when Top Gear used to be about Cars lol. I am sure another channel like ITV or something will pick up Clarkson (if he is given the boot completely by the BBC) and give him his own show which will soothe his giant ego.