Now Streaming Scott Pilgrim Takes Off (Anime Series) [Netflix]

Awesome! Never expected it to be with the entire original cast. Really excited for this now :woot:
SO I binged the entire series last night!!! (Its one of my favorite films of all time so I had to.)

Guys, If you are a fan of the movie or books, I recommend watching right away to avoid spoilers.
This thing has a ton of surprises. My jaw was on the floor after the first episode.

The animation is so great! It looks like Bryan Lee O'Malley's work come to life with its own unique style to it as well.
It's incredible that they got the entire cast to come back, Everyone does an amazing job.

Probably my favorite episode was "Whatever". It was amazing.

Anybody else check this out yet???
just finished the series today. wow, it's one of the best tv series i have seen. great animation... the whole style is awesome! also many tv show/ anime/ movie and game references.
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