Scream - 25th Anniversary (4K Blu-ray SteelBook) [USA]

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Release date: October 19, 2021
Purchase links: Bull Moose - Best Buy - Target - Amazon
Price: $24.97(Bull Moose) - $25.99 (Best Buy) - $29.49 (Target) - $33.99 (Amazon)
Group buy: hosted by apsmith21

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Nov 23, 2019
Front reminds me a bit of the first 4K Psycho steelbook, which I didn't like. If it's full matte this will be pretty bad. I see what they were trying to do with the front image but I think they swung and missed.


Jun 7, 2015
Its just pop up on
Unavailable at the moment & no pricing
Scream 25th Anniversary.png
Scream 25th.jpg

Amazon product
I actually like it, hopefully they continue with the Steelbooks with similar designs with Scream 2/3/4 up until release of Scream 5
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