Seller on Vinted... AVOID "mikopx"

Jul 3, 2018
Not willing to spend more time for a few $ / €

Transaction done (money transfered to the seller).
Feedback note (1/5 stars) left in the seller's account. To be seen for anyone interested to get stuff from him.

Can't get it.
But Vinted is not helpful when you have a problem. "Buyers are responsible to pay return shipping" policy.
They said if I claim through PayPal, they will close my account (with them).
I have money pending to be received in a few transactions (I sold some steelbooks there).
Jul 3, 2018
Hi all, community.

I wanted all you to know that Vinted (FRANCE) has many many reliable sellers. Good offers, and Steelbooks for a fair price!

But today I was scammed. Cheated.
Bought 4 Steelbooks in bundle. This is the thread:

Good price. Seller seems attentive and friendly, and reserves the following pack for me:

PROBLEM? - Incomplete, damaged steelbooks (only mention previously that "The Incredible Hulk" has scratch marks on the metal case, which is fine)
Even though the parcel was correctly packed and protected.

Seller doesn't get any responsability, and said he only sells "Steelbook", not movies or Blu-ray, 4K or anything else.
His listing doesn't say a word about "movie missing" or "4k DISC not incluided" (you all can read it if you can).
His words: "Collectors collect Steelbooks. Not movies".

What is suppossed to be a Steelbook when you see it and pretend to buy it if the description doesn't say that "is just the empty case"?

Of course, when I realised "Ready Player One" has a 4K UHD missing, I wrote him to solve this problem.
Also, "The Jungle Book" had scratches and a dent over the front.
But no solution provided from him.

Vinted law said buyers all responsable to cover return shipping cost in case of disagreement or or change of mind.
I'm now in the situation to pay to return a parcel which products weren't described as I received.

What do you thing, ppl? - I paid through PayPal where I can be covered if neccesary.
But I wanted you all to AVOID the seller there "mikopx"
(or, at least, consult him with details if you are interested in some products of him).