Should have stuck to a handshake

Jan 28, 2009
Manteca, CA
A well-known Massachusetts defense lawyer faces an assault and battery charge after a female attorney said he bear-hugged her and put his chin on her shoulder in court. Attorney Pamela Saia-Rogers told Lawrence police that attorney Robert LeBlanc assaulted her in November 2008 while she was talking the other attorneys in Lawrence District Court.

An assistant clerk magistrate in Woburn District Court found probable cause for the charge this week.

According to a police report, the 64-year-old grabbed the 39-year-old from behind, "wrapped his arms around her midsection just below her breast and pulled her tightly to him pressing his pelvis against her backside" in a bear-hug.

LeBlanc, of Methuen, denied the charges.

No arraignment date has been set.
Jan 28, 2009
So this is what the world is coming to ............ Where I have to raise my children .............. You know, to be honest, death certainly can't come soon enough for me. I'm SO over this kind of crap. Political correctness has just gone WAY to far, and I blame stupid, ignorant, American voters, judges and politicians for cases like this. Blah, on you!!


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Apr 28, 2009
Death can come soon enough, I would gamble.

It is unfortunate this kind of stuff exists. It does seem we are in a spiral toward oblivion thanks to the idiocy of our fellow humans.

I've thought about moving to some random island and spending the rest of my life in solace, but then I realize I wouldn't be able to play my PS3, or guitar. Unless I took it with me... but then I'd need strings... and other stuff I'm too stupid to manufacture for myself.

ahhh sweet irony.
Jan 30, 2009
Wow how ******* gay does that women wanna be EEK!

She should grow a set and stop moaning, there is women out ther who have it worse off then her and plus what a waste of courts time, surely they should be putting criminals away not going throught stupid things like this. Cant say i ahve heard of that happening over here.


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Jan 28, 2009
Dartmouth, NS, CaNaDa
fracking hell. i am so tired of all this BS. I am still waiting for that teacher to sue that kids parents over the note from Obama asking her to dismiss the kid from school cause she was with him. After all the note is addressed to her. I betcha she would win too, hahaha.