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During this Halloween wanted to share one unique band.
You know how, when something bad happens in the real world, like a shooting, or a plane crash, movies and TV series with just a little bit of narrative similarities get delayed by months, or canceled entirely. It always irritated me.
Well, this group's approach is a complete opposite - they take actual events, and make a music video out of them, naming them after a murderer, maniac, or place of a mass shooting!
It's either very bold and awesome, or offensive and heartless - making money and fame on someone else's death and suffering. Although you could say that about any news channel...
Check out the teasers, they're cool.
Also, if you're going to watch only 1 video here, last one is best!

Anyway, to better understand the videos, not knowing half of these names, I've researched each a bit, and will provide short background before each music video, although must warn that some details are disturbing and nauseating.


Officially an Australian band, consisting of two main members, going by Father and singer Skynd herself. They're understandably hiding their identities, but fans have pinpointed Marina Ortega as the main singer, comparing her tattoos to those seen in videos.
Their music is like Prodigy that were gang raped by Die Antwoord, and seeked psychological help from Marilyn Manson.


Starting with the 'lighter', newer one - everyone has heard about the Columbine school shooting in 1999, right. Well, screw your feelings and moral standards, we're gonna "ra-ta-ta-ta" all over them.

"Elisa Lam"

First of their videos dealt with an Asian student from Canada, that was traveling through US alone, stopped at an LA Cecil Hotel, and disappeared.
Last seen by elevator video camera doing inadequate movements and gesticulations towards something unseen.
When people started complaining about strange sweet taste and smell of water, her body was found naked and decomposing for about 3 weeks in one of the water tanks on the roof of the hotel. No one knows how she got there. People were washing, drinking, and maybe even cooking with that water.

"Michelle Carter"

This one is the most recent, and lightest case. In 2015 17-year-old Michelle texted her then 18-year old boyfriend dozens of times with advice on how to kill himself. When he was finally in the midst of doing it called her, she convinced him to finish it. I've read those actual texts, presented to court, and the following song 95% consists of direct quotes.

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"Tyler Hadley"

In July of 2011, Tyler swallowed 3 pills of ecstasy, took a hammer, and beat his mother, working at a computer, to death. Then his father, who walked in all shocked. Then cleaned up a bit, dragged the bodies to the bedroom, and had a bitchin' party with his friends...

"Garry Heidnik"

It gets worse from here.
This is a more known case from 1987, when from late November of '86, during 4 months, Heidnik kidnapped 6 girls aged 17-25, held them in his basement and a dug out pit, electrocuted them, repeatedly raped, hanged one by her hand till she died, cut her up, and fed to the others with dog food, poked out their eardrums with screwdrivers, so they wouldn't converse with each other...

"Katherine Knight"

This crazy Australian woman had a history of abuse, 4 children from 3 previous partners, whom she attacked, so the 4th one should have known better. And did, warning on his last day his coworkers and neighbors, that if he doesn't go to work the next morning, he's probably dead.
She stabbed him 37 times, while he crawled from the bed all the way to the front door. She then skinned him, hanged his skin out to dry, literally, cooked his head in a pot, and parts of him with potatoes and cabbage, serving it up on the plates for his children to eat...
First woman in Australia to be sentenced for life in prison without parole.

"Richard Ramirez"

Actual serial maniac, did everything in the mid '80s, abducted, raped, and stabbed an 8 year old, broke into homes and apartments, tortured and killed everyone, from grandmas to 3-year-olds, with a gun, knife, iron, just his feet, gouged out eyes and placed them into a stolen jewelry box as a souvenir, made people praise Satan, drew his symbols, etc. Dozens of cases that were known about.

"Jim Jones"

If you're still reading this, thanks, and this last one is my favorite, both musically and stylistically.
Jones had a religious cult, that after some scrutiny in the late '70s relocated to Guyana, next to Venezuela. During a visit from a US congressman and a few reporters, they were shot by the guards of the compound, after which 'spiritual leader' ordered everyone to drink cyanide. Conspiracy theorists think the visiting group tried to smuggle someone out, and that's why they were shot. I think that's stupid. Other theory suggests they were killed in the crossfire by a covert CIA operation, who didn't want Jones and his followers to default to a Soviet territory. Either way there were literal fields of dead bodies, whole families, ~900 dead, largest number of US citizens until 9/11 (which were likely also their own doing). Jim Jones was found shot in the head, so there you go.

Happy Halloween!