Smash Up: Marvel


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Smash Up: Marvel is now in retail stores everywhere! This joint production by The Op and AEG brings the amazing heroes and villains of Marvel to Smash Up!


Eight super-factions join the fray, each with their own strategies and powers for winning the day.

The Avengers - These singular heroes bring massive power and unique abilities such as Cap's Shield and Hawkeye's Arrows that can turn the tide at a base. Pairings to consider: Princesses, Wizards, Vigilantes.

Hydra - With Hydra Agents to spare, these fanatics will swarm bases, and when you cut off one head... well you know what happens... Pairings to consider: Rock Stars, Innsmouth, Robots.

Ultimates - Captain Marvel and her friends protect the galaxy, moving from one place to another with speed. Their rapid appearances can save the day. Pairings to consider: Bear Calvary, Explorers, Pirates.

Spider-verse - Peter, Miles, and the gang swing into action to protect the city from all the baddies. Pairings to consider: Ninja, Musketeers, Mounties

Masters of Evil - Baron Zemo has plots within plots to score Victory Points before the opponent knows what's happening. Pairings to consider: Aliens, Shapeshifters, Vampires

SHIELD - The Agents of SHIELD work together with precision to take down threats that normal humans could only hope to stand against. Pairings to consider: Zombies, Giant Ants, Steampunks

Kree - This highly advanced and aggressive race plans for efficient combos and multiple card plays. Pairings to consider: Disco Dancers, Kung Fu Fighters, Kaiju

Sinister Six - Spidey's old foes make a formidable faction, with endless plans to foil the heroes. Pairings to consider: Dinosaurs, Truckers, Penguins.

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