Sony OLEDs finally making their way to Australia

Sony's XEL-1, widely known as the first consumer-level OLED TV to hit the market, has done a pretty decent job of traversing the globe. For reasons unknown, however, it has yet to touch down in the great nation of Australia. Thankfully for deep-pocketed Aussies who passed up on the Kevin37 deal, all that changes next month. CNET is reporting that Sony will launch its 11-inch wonder Down Under in "mid-April," with pricing expected to be anywhere from AU$6,000 ($4,209) to AU$8,000 ($5,612). Call us looney, but we get the idea that most mates will be passing this opportunity up without thinking twice. We mean, do you have any idea how much, um, stuff that kind of dough buys in Nimbin?

I have had a chance to check these out when I was out in Vegas last year, I couldn't help it, but to admire the quality of the panel. The price tag was the only drawback lol it completely turned my attention to something else :) I believe this will be the next best thing, but of course price has to drop considerably and sizes of panel need to increase quite a bit!! I think the biggest is 11 inch? correct me if I am wrong someone.