Spartacus (Blu-ray SteelBook) (55th Anniversary) (Amazon DE Exclusive) [Germany]


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Jun 30, 2014
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Release Date: October 15th, 2015
Purchase Link: Amazon DE
Price: €14.99

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Thanks for the info. I was about to order it from Zavvi but now that it will be released in Germany with no german words on the steel (at least it seems like there aren't any) I will definitely buy it at

Very cool!
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Reactions: luke98 order cancelled. The Italian one is 1,50€ cheaper, but the packaging of is worth it.
The Italy one the price was €9.67
Packaging risky
Disc Version not 100% known for sure

I'm keeping my Zavvi order
German price with shipping costs = €20.20
German Jcard and German Ultraviolet copy I can't use

Zavvi I used 10% discount code and price = €18.77
Zavvi will have English Jcard and UK/Ireland Ultraviolet Copy
Is it possible that even the zavvi version will be the old 2010 transfer?

It's kind of strange that only zavvi will have the new transfer and all other sellers have the old one (,,
The bonus extras listed on Amazon Germany is the for the restored 55th anniversary Disc
IF the Blu-ray Disc actually contains the new extras then it is the new restored version

The new restored Disc has these 2 new extras
Bonus Material
I am Spartacus: In an interview with Kirk Douglas
Restore Spartacus

The 2010 50th Anniversary Disc don't have the above new extras

Its also a serious offence to have printed on artwork 55th Anniversary Edition and contain the 2010 Disc 50th Anniversary Disc and can even lead to a criminal conviction and a huge fine

No one has got this steelbook yet you can't review the content of a release when it not even out yet
I never pay any heed to customer review of a release on amazon until after release date as the amount of times the reviewer is providing incorrect info is a lot and most times is just guessing
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May go for this later on, it states "55th Anniversary Restored Edition" on the front below the title, hopefully this is the remastered version.
All releases of Spartacus in any country that has advertised a release as 55th Anniversary Restored Edition be it on a Steelbook or a Amarary release if the Disc inside turns out to be the 2010 50th Anniversary Disc
Universal will have no choice but to provide replacement Disc that will be the 55th anniversary Disc to every customer in each country that it happens in

If they don't correct a mistake they will get a huge fine and be prosecuted for false advertising
Mistakes can happen but if you don't correct the mistake you end up in court
Universal Pictures has just confirmed that the old master was pressed accidentally from the 2010 (50th Anniversary) to the new discs (55th Anniversary) in the manufacturing process,
In Italy , Universal made many disasters : 3 times wrong disc in Galactica , wrong disc in Gladiator 10th anniversary . Those are I remember . And now this .